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Another mum update

I think I last wrote about my mum on Tuesday or Wednesday, about increasing breathlessness etc.. We had discussed her final wishes, she didn't want to go in hospital particularly, and wanted to die at home. I thought we had got to that point and it was kinder to let her go.

On Wednesday morning, she was so ill, I was expecting her heart to give out at anytime. Her sats were 80 even on oxygen. Our community matron came and called an ambulance, mums sats were dropping. Jackie, our matron, said she hadn't reached the point of no return as yet, but needed help urgently. She was aware of mums wishes, but mum agreed to go in. Jackie said to inform hospital staff of mums wish not to resuscitate and the fact she wanted to die at home. Apparently they can organise a rapid discharge to get mum home if she wasnt responding to treatment.

I was so scared.

She was taken to the resus room at a&e, given more nebulisers and iv steroids, and she settled a little.

She was admitted to the chest ward, last time she was admitted, it was a surgical ward and the staff didn't have a clue about copd, and was just left for hours without being monitored. I was worried it would happen again, but after explaining this to the dr, she agreed she needed to be on chest ward.

Obviously I couldn't stay with her all night, as much as I wanted to, so spent Wednesday night waiting for the phone to ring to say she had deteriorated and to come urgently.

I went to see her at visiting time, and there she was sat out of bed, grinning at me. She could speak and barely used her oxygen while I was there, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She might even be able to go to the church for the wedding, a couple of hours leave from hospital. Not sure how as she still has a drip up, but we will see what dr says today.

It looks like the bugger will be here a little while longer, thank God.

Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes, it really helped me

Val xxxx

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Hi Val,

Thanks for keeping us up to date.

I think the doc or community matron needs to prescribe you with a super woman tonic to keep you going with all the stress and concern.

Keeping fingers crossed that improvement will continue for your Mum and she can enjoy a few hours at the wedding.

Wishing for you and all the family a wonderful day for the wedding celebrations.

Best wishes to you, your Mum and all the family.

BC x x


This is great news Val! You must be exhausted, do try and get some proper rest and make sure you're eating. Do hope she can get to the wedding, Best wishes. Libby x


Great news, Val. If she needs the drip they can get a mobile one and you can cover it in flowers, lol.


Thank you, I slept better last night than I have in weeks.

I think if she is allowed out, it will just be to see the bride go into church. It's a catholic wedding, so I don't particularly want her in a cold church for an hour or more, but we will see.

I am living on cups of tea and toast at mo lol, I might treat my self and call at the chippy on the way home tonight xx


It is certainly a roller coaster emotionally. How lovely it must have been to see your Mum sat out and smiling. I hope she will be allowed out to see the bride and groom.

Love to you, your Mum and I hope you all have a lovely day and the weather is good to you.

love cx


Great news Val you're just never sure, all my best wishes to you and your Mum.

Liz xxxxx


OMG you must feel drained! That's good news glad your Mum is improving - heres hoping she continues to. With much love to you and your Mum TAD xx


really pleased for you and your mum. Enjoy the chippy :)

anna xx


Thats brilliant news. Just shows you should never stop hoping. You must be exhausted, but thrilled just the same. I do hope she gets on the wedding photos. Wishing you all the best and hope your mum continues to improve. xx


Blooming excellent news - she shall be Cinders and go to the wedding after all! Now to take better care of you - chippy a definite and some TLC :) xx


Good news indead, miracles do happen even just little ones. Add some mushy peas to those fish &


Good news, she did want to go to the wedding. Fish and Chips, feet up on the sofa, good book and relax. Take care, thinking of you both

Tina x


Thank you, she can be cinders and I will be the fat ugly sister after fish and chips.

Mushy peas are a must, chip and mushy pea butty mmmm. I might even finish off with chocolate, let's push the boat out

Val xxx


As it's you, will share the choccy :) xx


Lovely lovely news x x x


Scrobbity, I will bring the choccy tonight. Are you a galaxy or Cadbury girl? :-)


It was great to the news about your Mum. Big relief and so pleased for you, love annieseed xxx


Your prayers are being answered



Fantastic news , those iv steroids can be a life saver.


another example of getting help at the right time...good news.


Great news so pleased for you both, make the most of the rest of your time together xx


Good news & enjoy the time you have together!xx


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