The light at the end of the tunnel

Meeting went well at the hospital, have a package of care in place, IT equipment coming next Tuesday, community matron will call in daily,surgery nurse is coming in daily,we will have the equipment in case Dave's carbon monoxide levels get out of control, but the most important this I am picking him up this afternoon he will be safer at home away from any infections in the hospital.

On a lighter note don't know if the front page headline about the inquiry by the care commission into unsatisfactory discharges had any bearing on this , I did tell them Dave would never come into hospital as I couldn't trust them there will be no proactive care given will only sedate and let him slip away.OVER MY DEAD BODY

I am picking him up at 4pm today. Christine

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  • Great news Christine,hope everything goes smoothly and you and Dave have happy times ahead. Libby xx

  • I admire your fight. Dave is so lucky to have you. I hope everything goes as well as it can. x

  • So pleased you are getting him home, and that the support is there for you....take care


  • Hope all goes well Christine - hold on to that fighting spirit. Love to both u and Dave xx

  • Great you are getting Dave home today. Hope all goes well for you.

    With love cx

  • Good news glad you have the care package you need and you can bring Dave home. Best wishes to you both. with love TAD xx

  • So pleased to hear your news Christine, and all my best wishes to you and Dave :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Glad Dave is coming home, happy for you

    :) Anna xx

  • The day is teeming with good news - so chuffed for you both - how it can change on a sixpence eh? This time in the right direction. :) xx

  • Well done and great that he is coming home to the right care. Remember to look after yourself.

    Tina x

  • Glad you have some good news too Christine, and Dave is coming home with a care package in place.

    It's awful that hospitals can discharge people and for them to be left with absolutely no care at home. It happened to my mum too, fortunately I asked the GP for a referral to the community matron and she has literally been a lifesaver

    Val xx

  • Good news Chrietine and Dave and long may it continue


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