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Housework all done

and I am now sat with tea and toast.I have just hoovered 4 rooms with my new GtechRam cordless hoover without being out of breath.I even pulled out 6 dining chairs and did under the table which is very difficult with my old hoover.I had been a bit worried that as there are no attachments to it I wouldn't be able to clean by the walls but it seems to get to the edges however it wouldn't fit under the television table.Overall I would say that it is a great improvement on corded hoovers and has a 5 year guarantee'

The price is around 200 pounds.Mine came from Debenhams online at 209 but Argos have them at 200.

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Sending you my address ............. LOL - well done you and to do it without huffing and puffing is most excellent - go Iaig go! :) xx


Super news Gail, I must invest in one :)

Sandra x x x


Sounds as if it was a good buy. xx


Congratulations Gail. I have had a G-Tech floor sweeper for about three years and it has been very reliable. Hopefully you new vacuum one will be the same. Good luck with it.

Bobby xxx


I leave the vacuuming for the cleaner once a week then I have a G-Tech rechargeable sweeper which I use the rest of the time, one upstairs and one down saves carrying, they are brilliant, but will have a look at the vac.

polly xx


Well done, I bought one of those last week and apart from it's light weight it doesn't get entwined in my oxygen lead (line) whatever so is great for me keep up the good work.

Liz x


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