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Did You Know The Air You Breathe In Only 23% You Expel Threw Your Lungs The Other 76% Threw Blood Plasma

How Said Finding A Cure For Lung Disease Would Be Easy :O

But Here We Are Again Talking About B12 Not That It Is A Wonder Drug But Its Best We Have Thus Far .. Well Apart From Our Steroids

Anyway Is Complex Business Involving All Sorts Of Bits

Problem Is Getting Oxygen Into Our Bodies Once Our Kidneys Have Taken A Hammering Where Looking For Erythropoietin But Best Sources Is B12 As Thats Where Most Our Problems Stem From i.e Lack Of Good Stuff

Anyway It All Gets Very Messy With Blood Plasma / Kidney / Co2 / Lymph Nodes / Blood Gas

But Long And Short Is Am Still Looking And Managed To Ascertain .... Any Help Would Have To Be Water Soluble Something To Do With Blood Plasma And Not Rocking The Boat As In To Much Iron

But We Are Not Doing Bad If Our Treatments Involve B12 Folic Acid ... And Tad Sprinkle Of Iron

A Would Not Recommend Taking Any Of The Above With Out Talking To A Health Care Professional Or Your Doctor First As Am Not A Expert ..... Am Just A Suffer Taking Pro-Active Approach In My Health And Condition

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good morning interesting, there has to be an answer, outside of patented medicines, I was looking at colloidal silver after the mention of it in work done in the USA , re improving action of antibiotics, there is a lot of stuff on the net most appears to be of dubious source, but one that stood out was nebulized and it's past use as the same, it makes sense as long as it is non toxic to the lung tissue, the only thing sated was about over dosing and turning blue , liver and kidney problems but what we take now has same effect,

any one any knowledge of it

regards Richard


hi so what we on now inhalers ventolin seritide and this new 1 elkira gunuair ,will they effect our liver an kidneys ,I ve never drank alcohol ever never liked it,take care


Hi Yep Don't Have To Drink To Have Kidney Problems .... Breathing Problem's Uncontrolled Lung Infections Can Cause Real Problms


Hi Thanks For Interest Richardcrossroads :)

A Was Reading Post On Here Few Days Ago About Gold And Antibiotics ... Was After Finding It ..... Was Going On About Same Thing You Are But Problem Was Attaching It To Gold Or Even Silver As You Suggest

Anyway There Is A Company In USa ?Think Its Called Biotec Have Been Watching Who Have Successfully Attached What I Have Discussed To Gold For Some Optics Thing ....

Anyway It Same Cell / Enzyme Or Bacteria Or What Ever Its Called They Use In Those Artificial Silicone Lungs That Process And Expel Co2

Anyway Will Look Up Name As Forgot ... All The Best Thanks For Your Interest In My Post :)


morning daz how are u now .well im no expert but my ex gp said I didn't need vit b12,but my new gp said take vit b12 tabs 2 twice weekly plus vit d,thats wat I do as ex gp well least said ,take care


Sound Advice From New GP :)


Hi Yes Just Seen Is Stuff ..... Our Conditions Are Complex Business With No Quick Fixes


hi thanks for replys happen with never drinking liver wont get to bad with copd /just lungs and cotton mill disease ,we can hope no harm there ,take care


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