Now here's something that is truly non COPD related

How many of you lot went to the Rocky Horror Show, Watched it on Tv, Danced to the Time Warp, wished you had, and really enjoyed it,

I'll be the first :- March 1979

1/. done it twice, Kings Road Theatre, then The Royal Court, London, West End, had a hell of a time being something I'm not. How the hell you ladies cope with bits stuck u parts i can't mention, Bra's that try to cut you in two, sussy belts and Nylons especially the holey ones, and not to ferget six inch stilettos, Jees I was sore fer a week after, glad I'm no woman, I'll stick to boxers and virgin socks. But it was a fantastic laugh and a Brill time, wish i was well enough to do it all over again :D

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  • Never got to see the musical I am sad to say. Like dancing to the time warp though

    julie xx

  • Not many will admit to it though, especially the blokes ;)

  • I have!! In the 80s seen it live , on video many,many times!!!! It was a favourite of our drama group and at one time I could quote the whole script.... Still could I reckon lol!!!!!

  • I loved dancing to the time warp. It would be lovely if we could have a time warp for an hour.

    What would you do? I would dance for the whole hour. I do so miss it. xx

  • Gi visit my aunty Nora and uncle John, i was always happy there.

  • Az

    I've never ever seen the Rocky Horror Show. Do you think this is why I have turned out like I have?


  • Cant answer that one, but its a distinct possibility

  • Its the best glam rock show ever,

  • I went to the show complete with props when it came to the palace theatre westcliff on sea - had a great time. Had it on video too (still do just no video player) watched it loads. So much fun. Hubby's christmas work do always had all the wives up doing the dance.

  • Yeh good times, plenty of fun ;)

  • I went in the 80s Jason donoven was Frankenfurtet LOL it was brill, best night out & i recommend it to anyone who gets the chance to go, but you must dress the part & join in in all the dances & parts that call for it :D :D :D

    Happy memories :D

    Thanks DD

  • I went to the original show in London too in the 70's, when you entered the theatre it was dark and then a torch shone on you and the ushers turned out to be the cast members in complete costume and makeup which was a shock at the time but gave you a flavour of what was to come - it was great - love the movie too and how it has become a cult movie for other generations - also love the song 'Creature of the Night' - it you know the lyrics you'll know why ha ha - thanks Dickydoo for the memories. xx

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