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I've finally seen a lung consultant ..woo hoo!

Hi Guys! Today I went to see a lung consultant who had my results from the bronchoprovication test and also my results from my ct lung scan I had in Ireland last October! Well, finally he agreed that I do not have asthma, but he doesn't know what is wrong with me! One of the differential diagnosis of my scan was hypersensitivity pneumonitis and he thinks it might be that, but of course he isn't sure and I disagree as I have moved from Ireland to England and my breathing is getting worse not better! I also showed him my 02 report that I have been keeping (I've been testing my oxygen level every morning, mid day and evenings) he put his own oxymeter on my finger and said..."Come with me" so I followed him along a 02 was 92 and we walked for a few minutes, then we climbed up a flight of stairs, all the while the level was going down, down, the time it reached 82 I said "I have to stop now" and I did! Well the out come is, I need a biopsy that is going to be arranged. And Ive asked about getting oxygen at home, he said I would need a test which I think he has ordered for me as I told him it dropped to 74 the other day and I literally thought I was going to die,.,so we shall see what happens from here! I did get to see my lung scan and if I'm honest, it rather upset me to see all of the black areas, especially on my left lung...but at least I've got a dr who said no it isn't asthma lol,..phew!

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:-( hope this Dr can help then..I guess knowing what its not is a start to finding exactly whatvit is... x


At Least Your Getting It Sorted Now That Has To Be Releaf .... Well Done For Speaking Up :)

All The Best :)


Glad you are now starting some tests to find out what is going on properly. Fear of the unknown is so much worse. The black areas on your x ray aren't bad, they show where there is air! Here's a link if you are interested about lung x rays :


Good news in an odd way - what a relief to see a consultant who is listening and is taking action. Lots of love TAD xx


Thanks for the replies and support xx


Hi Lillytan,

I have had all the ct scans, x rays, blowing into tubes etc. They tried to do a biopsy last time I was in hospital with pneumonia but I was too ill, they did what they call washings, and found I had swine flu too! My goodness that was a shock I tell you.

However the point I am trying to make unfortunately that I have pulmonary fibrosis (looked it up on the internet) and after all these years of one consultant saying I have an allergy to my parrot I used to have, and it would clear up with steroids and stop the inflammation (what a lot of rubbish) it has progressed, they called it allergic intrinsic consultant now does not agree with the first one, says it isn't an allergy...but I had my appointment with him the other day, first one since hospital, and he said there was nothing they can do to stop it, except keep trying courses of antibiotics, which we both know does not cure it. My own GP described my condition better than any of them, he said people with healthy lungs have a new leaf opening, in mine it is just scar tissue growing. I have all white bits on my lungs in the x rays and ct scans, that is the inflammation I am told. I have two inhalers, Fostair which I have asked to come off (hate steroids) and salbutamol, don't honestly think they help anyway. Coughing up yellow, again!

I am going the alternative route (which doctors do not believe in of course) and taking a hyssop tincture which I know breaks up the mucus and helps a lot. Also i am using essential oils, these are expectorant and can be sniffed from a tissue, put into a burner and into the bath. I am an aromatherapist so know which ones to use. If you are interested in this route I shall be happy to advise you. I am also going back to my yoga, even if I can only do a bit of it. Exercise is the key to strengthening my lungs! I have also started a line dancing class last week, ok I had to sit down twice as difficulty with the breathing but I am trying to fight back!! My oxygen is going down too, sometimes with little walking, and then goes up to 92 etc again. I walked up some stone stairs very slowly yesterday, and could hardly breath it was very embarrassing in the street, and frightening. I have never smoked in my life either. I do hope you get something sorted soon, chin up we all have to try and take each day as it comes. Hope I haven't made you feel worse?


Hi nature lover... I used to do a lot of yoga a few years back and I loved it... But then I stopped after having brain surgery and just never could get back into I live in England and can't get the videos I used to use could you recommend any for me please? I say good luck to you going the holistic route, I am going to refuse to take steroids as already just based on my ct scan my consultant has suggested them! No, I won't take them again, they are horrid things....I do use Fostair, and that although hadnt cured me did help me to begin with, I was even able to go for a decent walk a few weeks back, but now, I'm back to just the local store and back...after I used to walk 6 to 7 miles a day it seems all too sad...but I guess this is the new life I live!

I told my husband I just want some oxygen so i can go out walking again, he said it doesn't work that I told him to take for a drive then lol cos I need to see the beauty of this country! I hope everyone has a good weekend x


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