I treated myself to a packet of jelly babies(as recommended on this site) and Hello magazine.

There was an article in Hello about the effect of a high level of Vitamin D and better asthma control.

I think someone else has mentioned this before.

We need some sunshine...I take cod liver oil capsules don't know if they help with Vit D levels.

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  • Just enjoy those jelly babies :)

    Yep cod liver oil is a natural source of Vitamins A and D - all those mums in byegone years got it right LOL :)

  • Urrrrgh! My mum spent years tipping Cod liver oil and malt down my neck to make me a big strong boy. I finished up 5' 4" and 8 stone.

    Bobby xxxx

  • I remember that stuff. Also metatone, meggezones, syr.of figs, castor oil (UGH) and other revolting preps.

  • NHS milk and NHS orange juice? Yuk!

    Bobby xxxx

  • I used to give my son Haliborange vit tablets, it contained vit A, D & C he improved quite a lot taking those,


    ps Don't know if they do adult dose


  • I've been taking Vitamin D3 for some time and get mine via the Internet at a good price - - cheaper than the high street shops ;)

    You need to discuss this with your GP or consultant though, if you intend taking high strength jelly babies, I mean capsules, like this. They do not benefit everyone. You also need to check if the ones you buy contain calcium, again, not good for everyone and the ones I use don't have any.

    There's some more info on this topic in previous blogs and questions, see :>

  • Think I've missed something here, are jelly babies good for you ?

    Lib x

  • Black ones are an aphrodisiac!

  • You nearly got me there.!! Are they like the little boy ones you get a bit extra ? x

  • But only if you bite off the heads first , Annie, that's the secret ;)

    Sandra x x x

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