Above and beyond the call of duty

And the award goes to my doctor's surgery receptionist.

Just received a phone call from her as she had noticed that I was supposed to have had a phone call triage about the sorely hand and didn't. She asked how I was and did I need to see the doctor. I explained all that had happened in A & E and that to add to my list of woes, I now had thrush and a sore eye. She said immediately that she would make an appointment this afternoon for me.

What an absolute star this woman is. Letter of praise being written now as we tend to whinge about the bad stuff and rarely do anything when something really good happens.

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  • A gold star on its way to your receptionist.its true we do have a good old winge about them all when they cock up,but then they throw a curve ball and go the extra mile and you see them in a brighter light.pleased for you. I like it when they say 'but it's not urgent' sorry,but it's urgent to me !!!! Xxx

  • Cheers me dears :) - we have two receptionists who were obviously rottweilers in a former life (or related to my cat) and two who are excellent; nothing too much trouble for them. It's pot luck as to who you get, but a simple 'yes' to is it urgent normally does the trick. xx

  • What a result! Good luck with your appointment this afternoon :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Amazing wasn't it? Am taking my duvet to the quacks - I seem to be there an awful lot at the moment but this is a good leap into the better news category! xxx :)

  • It must have been your sparkling personality that did the trick. Or, perhaps she is a secret choccy addict trying to lure you into her web. Take great care Scrobby.

    Love from Bobby xxxx

  • Oh flip, didn't consider the choccy angle - will take the cat with me - guard cats can be very useful sometimes. :) xx

  • Good to hear some positive news, for a change , we have really good Gp and receptionists but theres one lady in the pharamacy that frightens me to death. I might need Kevin killer Kat next time I go hehehehe xxxxxxxxxx JULIE

  • LOL - scary people out there - you are definitely in need of protection from KKK - will put him in a jiffy bag for you :) xx

  • Well done you, take care of hand and don't forget to tell him everything as well. There is one thing you won't forget as you sit and sqirm. (Sorry, couldn't resist)

    love Tina

  • That was a bit below the belt! lol

    Bobby xxxx

  • Hahahaha - nice one and no I won't forget ! Have my list, and it's in my jeans pocket so I don't forget to take it, whether I remember it's in my jeans pocket is anybody's guess LOL :) xxx

  • oh that is really good news! Doctors' receptionists are usually such old hags, but that one sounds so kind and efficient.


  • Yep, think they have to pass a grumpy test to be one - such a shame - not everyone is tarred with the same brush but there does seem to be a disproportionate amount of them ! :) xx

  • Awe, some are really just protecting the doctor with no thought of patients. Getting past the receptionist is quite difficult. "Is it an emergency" springs to mind. I mean what is an

    'emergency' . . are we talking A&E if so we would not be trying to get an app with GP!

    I can also remember being asked 1 out of 10 for pain, or difficulties. I told my GP that 10 would be giving birth and not sure how to calculate the rest. lol.

    Good on you and hope you are soon wearing the boxing gloves.

    xx Ros xx

  • LOL - in our little town, the vast majority of the residents are on the older side and to a degree I understand why they can be a bit less keen to get you an appointment - against my name now there is a 'give her an appointment whenever' LOL

    Just say yes it is when asked if an emergency - they have no right to query it LOL

  • Isn't this the service we should have??

    Praise where praise is due, this lady deserves some!

    Best wishes scrobbs


  • Well in my book, the answer is yes, we should have that service at all times. It is beyond me why grumpy and hostile people take jobs where they have to deal with people sympathetically. Cheers Kevin :) xx

  • Nice toe hear some praise for a change

  • Glad you are getting excellent service s. - makes all the difference.

    love cx

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