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I made my girlfriend’s dreams come true and married her in a castle. You wouldn’t have thought it though from the miserable look on her face as we were bouncing around!

After having sex with Kylie Minogue yesterday I think there are two things you all need to know. First, she really is as sexy as hell, second, the staff at Madam Tussauds are miserable bastards with no sense of humour!!

Took the other half to a Disco last night. There was a bloke on the dance floor giving it large, breakdancing, backflips, moonwalking, the works. Other half says "That guy proposed to me 20 years ago, and I turned him down." I replied " looks like he is still celebrating"…

The Queens Royal Corgis are delighted to see Prince Phillip back at The Palace as they will no longer be blamed for peeing on the sofa!

Paddy thought his new girlfriend might be the one but after looking through her knicker drawer and finding a nurse's outfit, a French maids outfit, and a police womans uniform, he finally decided if she can't hold down a job, she's not for him...

Love from Bobby xxx

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  • You fruit loop - a very nice fruit loop with an excellent sense of humour :D xx

  • Thank you kind lady


  • Ha ha,well done Bobby,made me chuckle :)

  • Cheers Bobbie :) :)

  • I needed a good giggle - thanks :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Bobby's being funny, well done Bobby.

    Lib x

  • Hehe very funny. :) Xx

  • Dope man dope

    He He

    love Tina x :d

  • Keep 'em coming!



  • Tena please!!! :D :D :D



  • Loved em thanks soooooo much

    xxx JULIE

  • The Queen needs to keep a packet of Tenas for Philip and the Corgis - ask nowheeze, she will pass some on. All are a good laugh which we love xxx

  • I think Sandra gets them wholesale. She would go bankrupt if she didn't lol

    Bobby xxxx

  • lol @ Bobby.

    Did you hear about the Irish man who thought the Muffin The Mule

    was a sexual offence.

    ta da . . lol

    xx Ros xx

  • Oh Ros! That's very naughty he he he

    Love from Bobby xxxx

  • Pure idiotism


  • Very good Bobby lol thank you xx

  • wonderful, what a laugh we have just had, thanks.x

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