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It has all come at once!

Well 8 months ago I didn't even take a paracetamol unless I was in absolute agony, now I am on seretide, spiriva, ventolin, low dose aspirin, cholesterol tablets and champix! What a difference in such a short space of time. Also found calcification on my diaphram from asbestos exposure, nothing they can do for that apparently, at least it is not another bleeping tablet!

On the bright side, I live in a beautiful place and intend to do so for a long time ;-)

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Funny what life can throw at you, isn't it, you really don't know what is around the corner.

Where do you live that's so beautiful?


Yorkshire girl now in Western Australia, so lucky but must admit now I have this diagnosis I am pondering coming back to England where all my remaining family and friends are, hard decision but always on my mind xx


Hi Kad, think twice about the move back to UK, I've lived in Australia also. Going back to when I was first diagnosed it was the Australian websites that helped me the most. I think Oz has excellent medical care, its pot luck in UK what you end up with. The down side in WA is the excessive heat and humidity but then there are down sides in UK with the weather also.

Keep doing all the things that will help you live a long in your beautiful surrounds :)

Look after yourself.

BC x


Always be positive, life and health work together , when you're feeling down you feel that everything is against you. With what you have said another bleeping tablet. It's hard to swallow(excuse the pun), but as you say you live in a beautiful place and you have got the right attitude and outlook on life. As the doc say keep on taking the pills and oxygen in my case and don't let the little buggers get you down. I was fit as a butchers dog and my health went to pieces and I have always said look on the bright side of life. which you are doing anyway . Keep on reading my blog Koala and that will help you get through the day. Breath Easy my friend

Graeme xxx


Yup hubby has the same problems as you, also like you we live in a beautiful place and he intends to enjoy every minute of it. Keeping positive and taking your meds is the key to this. We didn't even know he had COPD and asbestosis, it was the opthmalogy department giving him some new eye drops for glaucoma that brought all of the problems to the fore.


Same here Kad21. No meds for me at all until last June. Now on ventolin, Spiriva and seretide500.

Lynne xx


You are rights its a funny old world. My husband was only saying at the weekend and having a bit of a moan about the fact he has never needed a doctor more or less all his life and NOW needs to see a doctor every month and when he is having an exacerbation much more. Just found out he has very high blood pressure so that's another tablet!

Good positive attitude - definitely a must! Take care and long may you enjoy your life! TAD xx


Well done on the positive attitude, that's a must. In September I'll celebrate year 1 of my new life. So sort of know the shock to the system it can be.

Home or away do the best for you.

Take care

Love Tina x


Mad isn't it - I rarely visited a doctor until four years ago and now they are on speed dial. Swop? You can live in Dorset and I'll move to Oz? Keep on with the positive attitude, there is no better medicine (apart from the spiriva, ventolin, etc., etc. LOL) :)


I wonder is there a time in our lives when our body just falls apart. I too was fit a healthy 7-8 months ago and now I feel like an old lady. I think when you have been diagnosed with one thing you are more aware of what's going on with your body. Side effects from meds are also a big problem.

I live close to a big city but can still get out and walk on the beech and pretend I am anywhere in the world when I look out to sea. as a great man said "Always look on the bright side of life :) "


hi kad21.same for me,up to xmas never want dcs only for meds for hitus hernia,now on ventolin.seritide500 elkira champix stopped cigs there and then,


Hello kad21, I spent 10 years looking after my parents and lastly just my mother, life was difficult but I was so fit and healthy. When my mother died my husband said 'today is the first day of the rest of your life', it wasn't cause all of a sudden things started to go wrong and I was always at the surgery, now have COPD. Put I'm pretty positive like you, I have a good life.

Lib x


H Kad.I don't do medication but I do a little light hearted humour every day

Keep smiling with a look at my blogs

Your daily tonic

K ing

O f

T he



I know exactly what you mean - same here no meds now plenty and oxygen machine - came at absolutely the wrong time too just when Mum getting frailer and needing my help 24/7 and when finances at all time low - never rains but it pours - so as you see from a lot of us here you are certainly not alone - fate has I think a wry sense of humour. At least you have the sunshine - take care xx


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