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PIP 'Moving Around' consultation, have your say !

PIP 'Moving Around' consultation, have your say !

I know that Benefits and Work subscribers will have had this via email, but there are many on here who would not know about the consultation taking place, that we can all have a say in.

In a nutshell, the DWP have created a survey to ask about the 'moving around activity' section of the PIP assessment. This is the controversial '20 metre' limit that they will use to determine if someone will get the standard rate (currently Mid rate on DLA) or higher rate mobility component of PIP - when it comes to your turn to be assessed for it of course.

The 16 page consultation document can be downloaded at:> .

There is a lot of complex explanation but it's all based on the various limits they are imposing with PIP, and how this affects our qualifying for mobility payments in the future. In a nutshell they are saying 'If you can come up with anything better...' It is NOT for complaints, they'll ignore any abusive stuff, but for measured response

They have also provided a series of MP3 recordings that explain it all for those who have difficulty reading, same web address.

You need to submit your response by 5th August

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Great Link Gordon :)

PiP Is Joke As It Is Last Consultation Asked BLF And Because Its Not What They Wanted To Hear Just Ignored It

A Think Getting Public To Partake So That They Can Blame Them ... As Most People Will Not List Problems Or Just Forget

All The Best :)


Great blog Gordon, time for those who are going to be affected to stand up and say their piece, calmly and coherently.


Drat, that lets most of us out... :)


Breathe deeply LOL :D


Hi Gordon and everybody else out there,

This is very useful Gordon and I have responded by copying the initial letter I sent to my MP on this subject (as well as other aspects of the whole assessment procedure). At the moment, I have not, as might be expected not got very far, but for the second time my MP is contacting Ms Esther McVey, Minister for Disabled, as her first response was in my mine inadequate to say the least.

The fact that the assessment is based on everybody living on ' a paved even surface', is just ridiculous. The area where I live cannot be entered or exited without encountering a steep incline. This must be so for so many others.

I could go on, but do not wish to take up valuable space on the site with my extended thoughts.

I would say, however, just how important I believe it is that we continue to press for improvements as and when we can. I do believe that as this process progresses, the more people that continue to press for change to the PIP assessment there is just a chance that some issues at least will be addressed. Let's not forget, that when people now receiving DLA indefinite awards are concerned, their cases are not due for review until October(?) 2015. By then a General Election will have taken place and it is crucial that all political parties are aware of just what an adverse effect this whole matter is having now on many thousands of disabled people.


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hi does that mean if some1 already as the indefinite award wont be getin assessed till 2015,take care


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