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swimming and chlorine

hello everyone .can anyone tell me if its ok for me to go swimming in the local pool with chlorine in. I have severe copd and would like to know if swimming will be good for me .thanks sharon

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Hi Bock

Until recently I have been going swimming with Interstitial Lung Disease. I had no ill effects from the chlorine and it did my lungs the world of good. I suggest you give it a go and see how you do. Unfortunately, I am now on oxygen 24/7 and I have been advised by the hospital not to swim but I'm going to get a second opinion. Good luck.




Hi Bock,

I have been going swimming 3-4 times per week for past 9 months.No effects from chlorine at all.You can only benefit from the exercise.Good luck & Best wishes xx :)


I swim in public pools and the chlorine doesn't affect me - unless you want to talk about my hair!! They are airier than they used to be and chlorine isn't that obvious. I think they are much cannier with it than they used to be. Why not pop along and speak to reception - they may let you go into the pool area just so you can see what the humidity and smell is like.

Good luck- I hope you take the plunge - it's very beneficial and very relaxing! I don't have copd though.

Marie x



The trick is to always wet your hair with clean water before going in the pool.This protects it from the chlorine.I,m sure you will find your hair to be less "brittle" doing this xx :)


Chlorine doesn't affect bad to our health at all. It might affect you f you have any allergy or something, in that case you should consult your doctor first.

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I swim with my oxygen tank in pools that are clorinated...Have Copd, cancer and a host of other lung ailments.....This is what I use when I swim...Can I make one for U??


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