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This site is soooo frustrating!

3 times I've tried to reply to Scrobbity and each time I've got that stupid 'oh snap, something's gone wrong' page!!!

So I'll post my reply here and retire for the evening!!! I really do hope the BLF don't pay too much for this site...

Reply to Scrobbity - How awful you can't get an appointment! Do you not get referred? Weird how different parts of the country can be so different!

Marie x

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Well I have heard from you, Marie. Sorry, I am not Scrobs. Perhaps she isn't answering her front door.

I get that "oh snap" page - very irritating. Dont know why. Think I will head for bed, too. I am tired. Love Annieseedx


Hi Annie - how you keeping? Eventually heard the door knocking LOL xxx


Oh bless you xxx Ok here on the site - she says with crossed fingers LOL

They seem to have a new system now for referrals to consultants - they do an online thing and get a reference number and send you a four page letter giving instructions and passwords. There were three hospital choices and when you get through to the book appointments bit and click on your chosen hospital it is supposed to give alternative dates. I tried all three of them and all said 'no appointments available'. Back to the G.P. then I suspect. This is one I particularly wanted to see sooner rather than later but hey, patience is a virtue so they say LOL.

Enjoy your rest and catch up soon xxx


Health Unlocked technology is appalling, I often get that annoying "oh snap bla bla" too.

Then there's no edit function and you can't see threads once a few new ones have appeared, it needs improving and modernising.



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