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Shocking Be On Your Guard Police Hold Suspicion Of Befriending 140 Vulnerable People and Conning Them Out Of More Than £1m

Shocking also operate in shopping centers .... gang members will look for someone old drinking tea or coffee then go up to them asking them where did that get it and how much

gang member will pull lose change out in front of you then put it back in is pocket

to see if your a sucker or a mug and offer to buy him one .....

don't be a mug over a cuppa tea footage also allegedly showed one victim being followed out of a doctor's surgery and seemingly befriended outside.

Detective Chief Inspector Keith Davies, the senior investigating officer, said: "This investigation centres around a suspected organised criminal gang who are believed to have become experts in the grooming of elderly people

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Shocking and so very cruel thanks.

Julie x


hi was on news in north west yesterday/ffs really need sorting out proper,


I was thinking should be hung drawn and quartered but that's probably a bit harsh.

Probably nicer to say they should just be hung by the parts that hurt the most and made a public spectacle of.

Hope these gangs all get what's coming to them in a court of law.


very, very sad


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