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On going Steroids!!!

I have been having courses of steroids ( the emergency ones) with the anti-biotics, however when I finish them I am great for about 7 to 10 days and then the infection kicks in again and I am back on them.

I seem to have read somewhere that there is a course of steroids and anti-biotics that you take constantly and this keeps the infections at bay

Have I been wishing or is this true any help would be appreciated.

I am aware of all the steroids side effects everyone in the local think I am an alcoholic with all the shakes I have LOL

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I think you need to go and chat with your GP and get a referral back to the respiratory consultant as you are having repeated infections. There is a maintenance dose of AB and steroids but this is something your consultant will decide advise if its needed and hopefully explain about the long term affects. Especially with steroids which do in time affect bone health.

I hope you can get some help with this and I hope too you are able to get an earlier appointment with the respiratory consultant rather than later.

All good wishes


PS A chat with the blf helpline may give you some pointers with regard questions to put to your doctor about the situation. Helpline available 10 am to 6pm normal working week days 03000 030 555.


Thanks for the reply, I am due at the doctors in a couple of weeks I will ask for a referral and they usually come quick, mainly because I have only one lung.

The bone issue reminded me of when I put my back out, I showed the physio my medication list and she wouldn't go near my back for fear of damaging it


I have been through exactly the same recently. 2 lots of ABs and 3 lots of emergency steroids as tablets. Now on a steroid inhaler and I feel great. X-ray results on Thursday, so I hope I still feel great after that.

My sister is asthmatic, no copd, and she has been on a steroid inhaler for 20 years without a problem (she is 70).

Lynne xx


Never known steroids to give the shakes!


Yes they have put me on a steroid inhaler but if you take it with the steroid tablet oh my god what the shakes you have

glennwestfield I am a Auto locksmith if I take all these steroids there is no way I can pick a lock, my fingers are doing everything that I don't want them to do

I used to be able to pick a BMW 5 series in less than 9 seconds cant do it now


Ask to see if your Adrenal glands are still working properly Steroids can make them stop or decrease, meaning you keep getting infections, fatigue and muscle aches x Julie


Hi, My husband always gets into that cycle when he starts with an infection. Last time was in April/May. The Doctor changed his antibiotics on the third course and said if this didn't clear it up they needed to test to determine what infection it was. Last time though he had to stop taking the steroids after the second course, they made him even more loopy! It might be an idea to ring the BLF helpline and ask their advise. Take care. TAD xx


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