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Bullae Emphysema

Hi just to give you all an update, I had my Lung examination today and had a consultation with a Lung Speciallist at the local Hospital.

I do have Bullae Emphysema, there is a lot within the top right lung and some in the top left lung however my Spiromity results were very good, this time a FEV 1 of 81%, last year it was 79% and all other complicated stats on the result were good.

I have been very lucky to have caught this in time, the saving grace is me stopping smoking when I was diagnosed back in 2010. I have been told it wont re verse it's self however it won't get any worse.

I am not on any medication and have no great signs of COPD, only get out of breath slightly when I really over do things. But I guess ive had-felt this for a good few years but put it down to Smoking.

The specialist has said it should not progress and for me to cary on with normal life as my lung function is good and I have no symptoms ect, keep fit and healthy and do all the good things for our body.

As we get older our lungs do age as well and can differ in fuction, I may get a bit breathless in old age due to this but the Bullae Emphysema will not spread or get worse, so I guess I have what I have and must get on with things.

I have been warned though that if I do venture back to the dark side of SMOKING it will progress and we all know what SMOKING does to us and others. I dont work in an enviorment where I'm exposed to dust-chemicals and I'm other wise young (44ish) fit and healthy.

So onwards and upwards, I'm off the celibrate now, going to book a big family holiday and enjoy the sun, I will miss the Scotish heatwave I've had the last few days (not).

Thanks for all who has supported me since I joined and I will pop in now and again to catch up on gossip and to see how you are all doing.

All the best

David 1968

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Congratulations David on your good news.enjoy the holiday :)

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Nice to hear good news Joyce


Great news for you David. You seem to have the right attitude to carry on to a ripe old age. Well done



Good news David, all the best to you.

Lib x


Oh that is good news for you David, I bet you're chuffed. Go and enjoy your holiday :)

Sandra x x x

p.s. Bring back the Sun .... we need some sunshine in Scotland !!!!


Great news David hope you have a great holiday x


What fantastic news!! Keep well and have a wonderful family holiday. Be nice to have you pop by now & again to say hi. ;)


That is great news David, you are clearly on the road to a good position. It's nice to see you on here again.

Lynne xx


Absolutely brilliant David. So good to hear great news. Keep well and fit and enjoy that sunshine abroad :) xx Keep looking in!


Congrats, enjoy your holiday.


that's really good news xx


Happy to hear your news, David. Have a good break xx


Well done x


You are going on a Summer Holiday.Lovely


Your daily tonic


Good luck ad enjoy the holiday :-) :-) Alison


Thanks everyone for your good wishes, not going on hols yet, I did overlook that thing called travel insurance? anyone got good contacts in this area, I have to them them I am very mild stage 1 and on no medication, how much is that going to hurt me. I might just buy a sun lamp a bag of sand oh and an umberella (just incase).



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