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Friendship and what it means

to you.

As some of you may remember one of my friends died suddenly a month ago. This was the friend who called nearly everyday to see how I was and to see whether I needed anything. By gosh do I miss her not because of what she did for me but just because.

Last week I was supposed to be going out to lunch with another friend and I didn't feel too good so had to cancel so do you know what she did - she made lunch and bought it around to me this the friend who has Parkinsons.

Today another friend has rung me to say she is not having her Grandson today so would I like her to take me to buy some new slippers (I know how to live) as she knows the ones I have are on their last legs.

Now it may be nothing to you all but these are all recent friends who have only known me since I moved up here but they have proven themselves to be true friends.

Then of course there are the friends I have never met - you lot on here for a start.

You may ask why I am asking about friendship well my answer to that is that without friendship life would be pretty stark and lonely. Friends listen and very rarely criticise, support you when you need it and never turn their backs on you

So I raise a glass to friends wherever and whoever you are



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My glass (of orange juice) is raised with you Janet. You are right friends are so important to our well being. I have lost two friends within the last month. One was a girl who I sat with in Maths for 5 years at school and the other was a friend from the village I grew up in. I used to go holidays with her. One of which was a very memorable holiday on the Norfolk Broads. Both I lost to cancer and neither were even 50 years old. I have very lovely friends and I treasure them, and like you also my friends on-line.

Love Anna xxxx


Raising my coffee mug with you Janet, friendships are indeed a great source of comfort, be they in the real or the cyber world. :d

Sandra x x x


How lovely to hear you have such lovely friends. Yes friendship is very important alot of my friends disappeared when I became ill so its great that you have so many around you still.I hope you have a good shopping trip love julie xxx


To friendship. x




A cheers from me too.

I got into the habit of turning away my friends that knew me before

my diagnosis, they always expected me to be the same. I got fed up of telling them I did

not feel up to it. They still do not understand to this day. Now I am making new friends and

it is far less stressful than having to continue to say 'I just can't do it anymore'.

xx Ros xx


That is such a lovely blog - how lucky you are to have such nice friends. Take good care, with love TAD xx


jandan - That was such an interesting message, and got me thinking all morning. I could write a book about the friends that i have had and the friends I have now.

Unfortunately, at my time of life many of them have moved away, lost touch or are poorly.

None of them are really local. Many are a lot younger than me. I have fewer friends now but treasure their friendship. Many I have known for years, having worked with them at the local hospital(now closed) years ago.

One particular friend, Pam, lives miles away. We made friends when we were five years old. Much treasured. Another one, Pam again is developing senile confusion and has had a personality change. This is so difficult. Linda has adopted Brian and me as her parents.. We have fun together. And more in the same age bracket and me.

I will join you, jandan, how much I love this forum,and the friends I have made. Just lovely people!!! XXX


hi nicely put.i had a long term good friend was always in hear we talked bout everything she helped me wen I was told I had copd at xmas,then 3 month ago after her gall surgery same as I had last yr.she was going to gp long b 4 galls started was sending her for blood test after test//was tellin her yes something there don't no wat the clown/nearly 11 month was doing blood test for this that an other.anyrd after gall out was getin bad bak pain/I told her put urself in hoz gp useless.she did an was 1st in Oldham then moved to north manni then moved to christis had cancer spine liver an a tumour in her stomach 3 month the monsters took her,last 8 days er daughter got her in kershaws hospice only there was she pain free died after 8days so so sad.i miss her like my rite arm if that makes sense,after funeral her daughter came with ashes I had sum and shes in my backyard with pink roses she liked the pink ones,mates are plenty real friends are few but loyal take care


I havn't alot of friends but my two best friends I've known since primary school, we grew up together in the same village, shared boyfriends, seen each others children and now grand children grow up, we live quite close one in a neighbouring village. I have my new friends whom I may never see, but you're here when I need you. I lift my glass of Ribena to friendship.

Lib x


I feel like the adopted son on here. I blundered in one day by mistake and just about everybody has been nice to me. I am the same as many, I don't get about a lot anymore and as Ros says, those that are fit just don't understand us. My friends on here do.

I still reserve the right to criticise you Jan as I often do, but my hand is held out for you if ever you should need it.

Lots of love from your friend Bobby xxxx


I don't see any of my old friends now, I couldn't keep up with them and they have forgotten about me now.

BUT I have new friends and they are all the same as me, they are Breathe Easy members we keep tabs on each other and make sure we are all o.k. we go for lunch once a month, some of us go to excercises together and look forward to our monthly meeting where we can all have a good chat.

I do have one friend who lives in South Africa and is here on holiday we are scheduled to meet up sometime in July, I am very nervous about it we have not seen each other for about 30 years and I am so old and wrinkled now and she does not look any different on the photos I have seen. (I am hoping my two daughters will come with me).

polly xx


Old and wrinkled Polly and I see from your photo you have a problem with facial hair too. he he. We are what we are Polly. I look at old piccys of myself and think, I wish.

You will probably find that your friend has aged too when you get close. Every line and every wrinkle shows a life lived. Hold you head up and be proud.

Love from Bobby xxx


Thats what steroids do for you!

I always say we are what we are but do I really mean that, No not when it comes to me.

Thanks for the support.

polly xx


Hi five to meaningful friendships. When I moved down here from North Wales four years ago, I knew nobody. Now I have one dear friend that I met through work and one who is my son's best mate (girl). Without that lass I would have been dead in the water this last year and I particularly praise her for her cheerfulness, unwavering support and help and attitude. She is seventeen years old but has wisdom beyond her years. My cyber friends come a very close second. :) xx


Well said Janet - I miss my friends from where I was living before moving in with Mum - see them occasionally which is great but when I was low on oxygen for months without realising it I made no effort to keep in contact with many people and did not feel at all sociable so guess I have not made the friends here I could have done and with Mum's and my life so entwined it is difficult but hope to remedy it when I get some time. Really miss that close girlfriend you could say anything to and know you were not judged and would go no further - and vice versa - so pleased you have such good friends - you must be a super person xx


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