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Want to be smoke free?

Those who don't want to be smoke free, read no further.

For those who do you may want to read some from the site link below, it may help you along the smoke free route, reinforcing all the good reasons to be smoke free.

This information is for those people who want to give up or who are trying to give up and stay smoke free. One warning, don't click on the link 'lungs die' unless you want to face the reality of what smoking can do to your lungs, the page is headed by a horrendous image.

An alternative view on information delivery with links to the American Lung Association.

When I was stopping smoking one of the things I would repeatedly do was read about all the positive reasons to stop smoking and I also read about the negative side of smoking. I had a positive list and a negative list. I would read each to remind myself the reasons I was stopping smoking, I found doing this regularly reaffirmed my decision and the reasons to be and stay smoke free.

Some alternative reading from I hope it helps in some way.

Wishing everyone success in all their efforts to be and remain smoke free.

BC x

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Very informative.


Thanks for the info - will read it properly when I have time later. And thanks for tips re giving up - have noted x


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