walking test

hi everyone last week i asked about the walking test well today i got it dont know if its good or bad as my oxygen neededto be put up to 5lt after they did the test with no oxygen then had half hour rest just sitting but still on the 5lt thought they would have put it back to my normal 2lt for the second part but they kept it at 5 said my sats were falling rapidly when on no oxygen still falling with 5 but not as fast and i walked a bit further so just waiting to hear from my resp nurse or consultant as she was giving them the results when i was leaving so ill keep you posted on what happens thanks again for your replies they helped keep me a bit calmer than when i first got the letter for to go tc everyone and hope you are all well at the moment

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  • maybe do yourself a list of questions to ask the resp nurse/consultant when you next speak to them.

    I'm writting myself a list for when I see my nurse

    Good luck

  • thank you slade i will do that cos i always remember things to ask after ive seen them xx

  • I,m glad you got that over with weeannie. Don't forget you can also ring the BLF.

  • thanks toci hope i dont need another for a long time xx

  • Keeping fingers crossed for you.

  • thanks blakey tc xx

  • Hope all is ok for it. X

  • thanks julie tc xx

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