My first mile!

In the pool! Finally I managed it, I wasn't sure when I set off but got to 40 lengths and thought I'd just carry on. It's been a huge milestone I've wanted to achieve but it's always been too busy, or more commonly blooming cramp has set in but all the planets were aligned for me tonight and I managed it. Slowly but steady... Just like the tortoise!

Thanks -,just had to write this down for posterity - so excited! ;-)

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  • Flippin' excellent - massive congratulations ! Swimming, I assume? Print and frame it ! :) xx

  • Okay, put specs on and read it properly, my bad ! :O

  • Oh Well done Marie, that is brilliant :) I have never swam that much in my life !! So pleased for you that cramp stayed away and you had this chance to complete what you wanted to do. I cannot stand the chlorine smell or humidity at our pool. But I am a rubbish swimmer anyway.

    Anna xxx

  • Well Done :D

  • Fantastic Marie. Not a swimmer myself, in fact I'm rubbish so I take my hat off to you even more dramatically. Well done!

    Lynne xx

  • Well done Marie. I got my 50 yard cetificate at school and I was dead chuffed. You must be immensley proud to have swum a whole mile! I'm really, really pleased for you. Great stuff!

    Love from Bobby xxxx

  • Congratulations you should be so proud. I loved swimming it used to be my favourite hobby Oh happy days xx Julie

  • I miss being by the seaside.Used to love going for a midnight dip after work on Torquay Seafront


    Your daily humour tonic

  • Wow Marie that is some achievement, well done.

  • Thanks everyone - I am still on a high from last night. I know that a lot of people can't stand the humidity of pools and the chlorine smell but I would suggest you to pop along and just see what its like. These days pools are far more airy than they ever used to be and the chemical smell really isn't as bad either - I worried about ti given my previous swimming experience came from 25 years earlier but was very surprised that it wasn't how I remembered it.

    Marie x

  • Well done Aqua Marie, Swimming is one thing I struggled with even before I fell ill. I could swim brilliant underwater for as far as my breath would hold but on the surface 1 length of most pools was all I could cover and I was blowing like a mad thing.

    I guess now you've done this, you'll be aiming at 2000 metres, but enjoy what you have achieved for now, you've done brilliantly!! :)

    Tony x

  • Now now! 2000 metres? It took me forever to do a mile. I'd get on so much better if I could put my head under water! I just can't do it - I am

    Convinced its got something to do with the lung disease (retaining oxygen).

    But I'll keep on plugging away - not often I get the chance to swim for 80 minutes!

    Marie c

  • How on earth did you do it ? What a result and congratulations. Like bobby got the 50 yard certificate at school and also diving from "top board". Always loved swimming until I very nearly drowned in Thailand in 1989. Now I cannot go out of my depth. Hey ho!

    Really well done..........Adrian

  • Hi Adrian

    I too hadn't swim since I nearly drowned off the coast of France in 1986. It helps now that with lung disease you float like a cork! I can just go to the deep end and look like I'm treading water without treading water!

    Marie x

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