I apologise for only just writing back

So sorry Iam only just writing back I fell asleep last night before I had chance to replied to any of your lovely comments and messages my grandson is now of oxygen and and the doctor as put him on,2 different astma inhalers and he's doing alot better thankyou all for who's being very supportive and sorry again for only just messaging back I am physically mentally exhausted :( but the main thing is mandson is getting better :) thankyou all again xxx

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  • Main thing is, Pamela, that you had a good sleep which is so good for you. And grandson is better which is great - love Annieseedxxx

  • Thankyou annieseed xx

  • Really great to hear and no worries, you are very important and so is your sleep xx

  • Thankyou scrobbitty xx

  • Good to know little one is doing better, look after yourself, Grans are very special he needs you so take good care xx

  • What a relief you must feel. I hope you all get a good night's sleep tonight as well.

    Lynne xx

  • Lovemelovemydogs feel so relieved now my grandson is on the mend xx

  • Thankyou Lynne it is a big relief knowing oliver getting better :) xx

  • Good news lots of love x x x

  • Thankyou tadaw very good news :) xx

  • Great news Pamela - Pleased your Grandson is getting better.

    Love cx

  • Great news. x

  • Me to thankyou cofdrop xx :)

  • Thankyou toci xx :)

  • So glad the little fella is on the mend & you caught up on some much needed sleep :)

    Karen xxx

  • Good news is always good to read.

    Hope the road to recovery is short.

    Best wishes


  • Thankyou Karen xxx

  • Thankyou Kevin the best news ever xx

  • May the good news keep coming


  • Thankyou Richard xxx

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