Paralympics gave me the boost i needed

Paralympics gave me the boost i needed

Because of me watching the Paralympics i new i needed to have a go again as i now have COPD But when i checked out a web site entitled The Disabled Shooting Project with reading that things seemed to make things easy to get started. The first thing i had to sort out was which clubs in my area would accept a disabled member and the team captain of the Brown Jack Rifle Club in Swindon paid me a visit and got the ball rolling.

One thing that had to be done was i had to get a Dispensation Certificate from the NSRA National Small Bore Rifle Association but until i had the certificate i could not join the local league or the brown jacks club. One important thing i have to mention is Mark and Noel at the Brown Jacks club gave me coaching lessons in the meantime .

I now have my Dispensation Certificate and shooting in to summer league competitions, Mark and Noel even pick me up and my wheelchair and return me home.

I wish i had done this years ago instead of being shut in these four walls

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  • Wel done! It's good to hear how you were inspired to take up an interest. You will be competing next.

    Lynne xx

  • How brilliant and better late than never. :) So when you get all famous, can we have autographs please? ;) xx Seriously though, well done and enjoy yourself.

  • Thanks Scrobbitty laughing is the best medicine especially about autographs.x

  • Thank you Lynne but i will only compete in my local league although i have been invited to go to a trainging weekend with the UK Disabled Target Shooting Club

    Thanks again


  • What an absolutely inspiring story! Tommy, you make me feel ashamed of myself. Very well done. x

  • Well done ,I hope you enjoy it,what a great release for you, :)

  • Thank you Jambo,

    Sounds like you have a lovely family good luck.

  • Thankyou Tommy. :)

  • So pleased to hear this Tommy and the icing on the cake is you were inspired by the paraolympics too I dont know about any one else but i enjoyed these more than the olympics. So glad it received better coverage this year and makes you wonder how many peoples lifes have changed because of them Thanks for sharing Tommy x Julie

  • Thanks for your comments Julie x

  • That's great Tommy, be proud and pat yourself on the back for getting out their and doing it. I shall be looking out for you on the next Paralympics.

    Whose that cool dude in the photo ;)

    Enjoy your sport.

    BC x

  • I don't think so im content just shooting in our local league

  • Well done Tommy for getting up and getting going wish I could be as determined as you but hey someones has to keep the settee warm.

    Keep up the good work :)


  • Well done Tommy- Gun, hope to see you shooting for GB at Rio in 2016.


  • So had you used guns before this, or were you persuaded to go shooting because being in the chair is not an issue? Great idea. I'd looked at archery before, just briefly, and been put off because I don't have the upper body strength. I have a scooter to help me getting around once I'm out of the car. You're giving me ideas, Tommy! Well done anyway for giving it a go.

    Gina x

  • I started to fire pistol at a club about thirty years ago but only for a couple of weeks i did disabled field sport then shot,discus and javelin.

    Gina give me a couple of day and i will get you someone to talk to in your area


  • Heck, that was fast. Seriously, thanks for the link and I'm going to take a quick look. I could definitely do with finding an alternative to brighten some empty days. Once more, thanks, Tommy.

    Gina x

  • Good luck Gina oh my name is Derek really.x

  • There is a club listed about half a mile away from me in Harehills, Leeds, but I think it may have closed. Shame. I'll take a drive past today and make sure.

    Gina x

  • Well done - good for you. My father taught me to shoot and years ago I belonged to a rifle club - enjoyed it - may try again sometime - xx

  • Good luck

  • Give it a try again

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