Co-op Chemist !!

I would like to give a shout out for my Chemist!

I dropped the last sleeve of one of my tablets down the loo this morning and I hadn't even taken the tablet. I rang my Chemist to see if they could by any chance help me out as my renewal prescription was due this week. Bearing in mind this was at 10 am one of the busiest times for them, they said they would see what they could do and would ring me back. Well I didn't have a call instead I have just answered the door to the young man from the chemist with my tablets and it is just before 1pm. What amazing service :)

The moral to this is two fold

1. Build up a good relationship with your Chemist you never know when you will need them

2. Move your tablets from the cupboard in the bathroom :P


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  • What a brilliant chemist! I have to admit I use one specific one for the same reason, they helped me out with a Ventolin inhaler when mine ran out unexpectedly. It's a pain to park outside often but they told me they were happy for me to park at the back and knock on the door. Great service. :) xx

  • We only have one chemist in the village, he is great and so helpful, he even orders oblong pain killers for me because I have difficulty swallowing the round type. Oh I didn't mention, he is married to my friends daughter. :) :)

  • What a fantastic outcome.isnt it great to know there are still people who go the extra mile,no moans or grumbles. :) xx

  • Great service there. I keep my meds in the bedroom to avoid such accidents. I do remember dropping my security ID card down the toilet when I worked full time though. They wanted me to fish it out. I said no, but they were welcome to do so if they wanted.

    Lynne xx

  • Its lovely to hear that news Jan. Its rare to hear about some one putting themselves out now adays . must be a comfort to you too I hope your ok Love Julie xxx

  • That is service at it's best, to actually bringing them out can't see our surgery doing that but they're not the good old Co-op.

    Lib x

  • I don't have the Co-op but my local chemist (Whitworth) cannot be praised too highly. They collect my prescription from the surgery every month, dispense the necessary items and deliver them to my door. When I developed an itchy rash it was my chemist who tracked down a little known side effect (not in the leaflet) of one of the drugs I had recently started taking and suggested an alternative, rang the surgery for me, made all the arrangements and delivered my new 'script the same day. Excellent service.

  • Oh Jan, you do make me smile. You are as daft as a brush and I love you.

    Bobby xxxx

  • Restores your faith in people there are some good one s still about aren t there ones that do go the extra mile.

  • LOL, trust you to do something different with your medications :) I do agree, having a good relationship with the Chemist is a must, and I'm on first name terms with mine :)

  • I used to have a good relationship with one when I was young. Every week I went in the chemists and without a word she handed me THE packet with a knowing smile and I handed over 3'9d. Then I went outside and gave them to my mate that needed them but was too shy to buy them. Happy days.

    Bobby xxxx

  • I don't know what you mean I was just missing out the middleman :P

  • I have a great chemist too, always very helpful and will deliver foc if for any reason I am too ill to pick up my meds. I keep my entire med collection in two small cooler bags in my bedroom, one for next month's supply and emergency pack and meds that I may only need now and then and the other at the ready for current month's medicines supply.

    So good to know we can still get service with a smile :)

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