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I am going to have some more tests done in beginning of August and was told on the results of these tests I may have to have a lung biopsy.consultant said probably be done in Nottingham.but Nottingham is an hours drive from me and I was wondering if you have a choice of hospitals ? Harefield,although miles from me is where my mum in law lives.means wifey would be only 5 mins away.

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  • Normally when I need to have tests done, I am given a choice of nearest hospitals that provide the services to do those specific tests. If you aren't given a choice, maybe ask for the closer hospital. Good luck for August, remind us nearer the time, remember the memory ain't what it used to be. LOL :) xx

  • Sorry,remind what lol :) :) will do xx

  • I do not know if you still have a choice of hospitals any more, I know my husband was given a choice a few years ago for an op he had to have, but not sure if thats still the case with changes to the NHS I think that KOTC knows a fair bit about Nottingham, so will be able to advise you there. It would be good if you could be refered to Harefield . I swear by Grantham an excellent hospital with excellent nurses and consultants but is probably to far out of your way? Good luck with whatever you deceide Julie xxx

  • Been to Grantham for some scans,and it's a lovely hospital,a real old fashioned friendly place.i was just thinking that it would save wifey the travelling..there,aren't I a good hubby. ;) xxx

  • You certainly are, good luck with the tests.and let us know what you deceide and what the results are too xx

  • You can still choose your hospital and even your Consultant. This can be arranged at your GP's surgery.

  • Good luck with all those tests, hopes it works out well.

    Anna xx

  • Good luck with the tests, can't help with the hosp question, sorry.xx

  • Jambo 1958

    This link may help you with the Choice of Hospital.

    Good Luck.

  • Very interesting for lots of people waiting for hospital treatment Juliex

  • That is very interesting and much appreciated.thankyou

  • Good luck with the tests Jambo, but I don't know about the hospital choices :)

    Sandra x x x

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