Paper thin skin

Does anyone else suffer from this due to steroid use. I have just caught my arm and whereas once I would have just said Ow and given it a rub (and maybe had a bit of a curse :D ) now I have to grab a cloth because it is pouring with blood and already starting to bruise. Now I know I am an old biddy and your skin does thin with age but this is painful anyone any ideas for helping?

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  • I've got a mild collagen condition as part of being hypermobile so my skin tends to be a bit weird. I need to use good moisturisers or it is really dry too. It isn't too sensitive though, except for allergic reactions like I had to Nivea which gave me exzema.


  • My husband bruises terribly at the slightest touch - the one thing that has really helped to keep the bruising down is arnicare ointment. He was getting a little embarrassed at the sight of his arms but this usually helps to minimise the bruising. TAD xx

  • Apparently Women Have Thinner Skin " not as robust as us guys " But Would Add Are More Emotionally Strong :P

    But Age And Steroid Use Will All Play Its Part

  • I do get dry skin reqular so I nick wifeys moisturiser,keep getting a rollicking for it but hey ho.i do bruise a lot more now though.would it be the meds or are we just getting old :(

  • Bit of both probably Janet. Have noticed that it takes a little longer to heal after the cat has shredded me but not noticed more bruising ....... yet. More joys to come I suspect. Oh fabulous.

  • Bloody cats - I have a BIG scratch on my leg at the moment - you just gotta love them tho ;)

  • Struggling to do that at the moment, I shouted 'Vets!' at him very loudly. He fled. :)

  • Leave that poor puddy tat alone or else, i will get all the shops to stop selling you chocolate xx

    Get loads of bruises look at half of them and wonder how the heck I got them xxxx

  • Noooooooooo ! Not the chocolate. I try being lovey dovey to that puddy tat and he's having none of it ! Perhaps it was me taking away that poor mousie that was still alive or the two bells I have on his collar? :)

  • Hi Jan, the skin on my lower arms is very, very thin and bruises easily. I've not found anything to improve it, I just keep it moisturised (E45 Intense Recovery). I don't get as many bruises as I did a year or two ago but I think that's because I move around more slowly now! I wish the thin skin could be somewhere less noticeable - it's not easy finding clothes in summer that have long sleeves! Libby

  • You are sooo accident prone I am surprised you have survived this long. :)

  • My husband used to say I wasn't the accident waiting to happen I was the accident that always happened :D

  • I have done some research into this as I am fed up with keep tearing my skin, can't use plasters anymore.........anyway, I found out the the moisture goes from under the skin, so really any thing you put on your skin does not really do anything.I do use E45 which helps with the itching, I am going to visit my nurse to ask if I can cut down on one of my inhalers to see if that helps, have been using them for 5 years, god knows what my skin will be like in another 5 years!!!!

  • My skin is thinning on the arms like Libby, just as well it's a cold summer. My skin is incredibly dry as well I have to moisturise all over everyday. I do find also Jandan that scratches take longer to heal but I've no ideas how to help this.

    Lib x

  • I tend to bruise easily, especially on the arms. Just carrying a shopping bag on my wrist will bring up a bruise and if I bump into something, a bruise comes in within minutes.

    During a recent attack of arthritis/gout (Doc isn't sure what yet) in my big toe, I was hobbling round the kitchen loading the dishwasher and caught my shin on the corner. It took ages for the blood to stop and it was quite deep as the scab was purple as opposed to red. Doc then thought that my swollen toe could be an infection due to injury. Cue 2 lots of high strength antibiotics and me trying to schedule when to eat - one lot was to be taken 2 hours before food or an hour after!

    I can recommend Dream Cream from LUSH. It is full of good stuff and no nasty additives and, more importantly, is steroid free. It helps to sooth as well as moisturize. There is also a product called Steam Cream that also has similar properites - both are made by LUSH, but Steam Cream is a different company.

    Like you, I have put it down to the asthma meds and age.


  • Hi All,

    I suffer the same but if I get a skin tear I make sure the flap is held down til it stops bleeding then use steristrips from the chemist, they hold it in place, allows the wound to breath and skin heal quicker. As to dry skin, yep I get the same, I've used just about every cream known, I find the body shop's shea body cream is good, it soaks in well and seems to help the bruises to clear quicker, although I think its probably the gentle rubbing in process that helps the bruise disperse. Of course I could be totally wrong, we are all so different.



  • Hi Jandan,

    I suffer from thin skin and dryness as well but recently someone on here mentioned Doublebase Gel so I asked my Doc for some to try and its brilliant, not cleared all but its had a great effect in the short time I've been using it and would recommend you try it. My arms are not permanently bruised as they were before. Not sure if its prescription only but doctor was happy to prescribe it for me. hope this helps.


  • Hi I suffer with thinning of the skin also, bruise easily dread getting a cut, as many have said lower arms are the worst, my legs look really old with the thin skin. Someone on here suggested double_base gel which is what I have been using, hope this helps. Debbie xx

  • Hi I suffer with thinning of the skin also, bruise easily dread getting a cut, as many have said lower arms are the worst, my legs look really old with the thin skin. Someone on here suggested double_base gel which is what I have been using, hope this helps. Debbie xx

  • Thank you all. I spoke to the doctor and she suggested a steroid cream - I don't think so as I am sure steroids have helped this problem :(

    So I have ordered some Doublebase Gel I have tried more or else all the other suggestions - you should see my bathroom cabinet :D

    Once again thanks for all the input



  • same symptoms as everyone else,I use oilatom cream,it contains liquid for the bruises,my arms and legs are covered in them.Such a sensitive lot arent we.x

  • I have used Doublebase cream for about 2 years now on my arms and legs and they have improved, mine is on prescription. Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • Hi, I thought I was the only person in this world with this huge problem. I get drops of blood on clothes, pillows. I have actual scars all over. The most annoying thing for a female is it is so hard to buy long sleeve tops to cover marks. My legs have now started to be affected and they can easily ulcerate. My GP gave me a box of dressings that are padded and protect areas ,Wonderful, can keep on for a week and bath or shower with them still in tact. However I have just been put on woolfren which has made it worse. Protect your areas as much as you can. Good luck.

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