Dave's. Continued nightmare

Following his transfer to YOU. Consultants telling us that if he had seen David's full notes they would not have put him on the ventilator. They would have kept him comfortable and he would have died, as it is if he has a heart attack they will not resuscitate...I didn't realize. Copd means death without a fighting chance...Until March of this year David was fully active never been in hospital in his life no drain on the health service. Seems to be of no consequence.

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  • It's so shocking the whole thing. Keep your chin up, he's still fighting. You both are of consequence to all of us and I think for once, I can safely say that. :) Keep yourself well too xx

  • So very sorry to hear this and as scrobbitty says keep fighting your both in our thoughts and prayers God bless you both Love Julie xxxx

  • I thought the family had to be consulted before any decisions were made....can you check with a nurse?

  • So sorry this must be so traumatising for you. My thoughts and prayers for you both at this time of need.

    BC x

  • This is so sad I hope everything goes well for David, everyone on here will be routing for you, keep strong and keep fighting, you are in our thoughts and our prayers.

    polly xx

  • Hi Christine, am hoping for a good outcome for you both. Libby x

  • Christine I am so sorry you are in this position. I have only just got up so only just read about Dave.

    I am saying a prayer for you both as I write this, crying too.

    The Consultant had no right to say something like that. There is always hope and believe me that is worth a lot and you and Dave have the right to say whether to resuscitate not the Consultant - Patients Charter. Stand your ground.

    Love and Hugs

    Janet xxx

  • My belief was that the patient and family decided what/how much resuscitation would be used. Try to have a word with the doctor and ask why there would have been no resus if he had read the notes. It is certainly not standard practice for COPD as far as I know. And try ringing the BLF help-desk - they are open now. 03000 030 555

  • My thoughts are with you and Dave, wishing hard that he makes a good recovery.

    Love from Anna xx

  • What a terrible thing for the consultant to say, I would report him. Keep your pecker up we are all with you and you are in our prayers. xxxx

  • What a difficult time for you both,I pray for a good outcome for you all xxx

  • How dreadful - perhaps the helpine could give you some advise. Though you have enough on without having to work the rights and the wrongs. This seems so insensitive and just wrong. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Take good care. TAD xx

  • Primrose, You have a lot of people thinking and praying for you. I am joining in and am sending my love and hopes -- annieseed xx

  • Sending you prayers and positive thoughts Chris. Nobody can truly say what fight Dave has in him. Maybe you will know that and having you there is a great comfort to him. Stay strong for both of you and take care of yourself too. Thinking of you. xxxx

  • Sorry to hear the situation for you and Dave is dire, there are no words to help but treasure these moments you have, take care of yourself as you will need all your strength to see you through. My thoughts are with you and I understand how frustrating it is when nothing can be done. Take each hour one by one.

  • So saddened to hear this latest news. My thoughts are with you both. Stay strong.

    Sandra x x x

  • Very sorry to hear about Dave's problem and hoping he will return to you soon. Alison

  • I would make a severe formal complaint. ..such behaviour needs to be shown up.

  • Dear PrimroseDave, sad to be reading this,first Dave is ok & full of life then suddenly very ill, I can only hope some thing amazing happens where Dave improves & have just said a prayer hoping for the best outcome! will be thinking of you both!xx

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