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Introducing Hudson!

Hallo everyone!

I have my son & partners gorgeous labradoodle,at my house,he has such a lovely nature,he seems almost human at times.Here he is checking out the bedroom!

Well tomorrow is operating day, Harry a bit nervous today,thank god he has to be there at 7 am, would have hated to wait for the afternoon list!! Will let you know how it goes.

Love Wendells xxxx

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The very best of luck for tomorrow. I will pray for you both. Be brave and remember that thoughts are with you. xxxx

Labradoodles are such funny looking dogs & so intelligent. A friend has an autistic son and he has one of them which has been trained to look after him and keep him safe. Amazing hey !!


Txs ex blonde,much appreciated.Its amazing how these dogs can be trained for caring,it's wonderful,& must be so lovely for your friends child,to have his own special friend. xxx


Hudson is a very handsome fella :)

I can only echo exblonde's comments, and send positive energy in your direction :)

Sandra x x x


All the best wendells for tomorrow will be praying for you love the dog


Hi Wendells, Hudson is adorable - I hadn't seen a labradoodle before! All the very best for Harry's op. Libby x


All the best for Harry's op. I have got two standard poodles and I know what fun they are. Good luck Harry.

Berwick xxx


My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Hudson will keep you company and be ready for hugs and strokes whenever you need them.

Love and hugs

Tina x


Wishing Harry all the best and you too Wendells. Hudson looks gorgeous.

Best wishes Lib x


All the best for Harry, I suspect it might be over and done with now.

Hudson looks lovely, I'm definitely a dog person.

Lynne xx


I'll keep you both in my prayers. I'd say the worst part is over now I find it's waiting to go for surgery is worst than the actual operation. Hudson is just gorgeous, it's good to have him with you at this time. XX


Wishing Harry all the best hope everything goes well for him.

Love the dog. Take care of yourself.

polly xx


All the very best for today - for both of you. Take good care. xxx


Bestest of luck tomorrow :) xx

Hudson is adorabubble - he will be great company tomorrow for you.


Hi Wendells all my very best wishes for Harry and the op. all the waiting and praying, this time tomorrow the op will be over and you will have the news.

May it all be good, we know you'll come and tell us.

Good luck Wendells,

Chris xx



Give all my best wishes to Harry for tomorrow. I am sure everything will be ok for him 'cos I have got everything crossed.

Love from Bobby xxxx


Best of luck with Harrys op will be praying for you all. xx

Thanks for sharing the pic of Hudson he is an amazing dog, and your right they are so intelligent as a breed and I think dogs are so theraputic too.

Please do not forget to take care of yourself love Julie xxx


Very best of luck for Harry's op. Love Hudson - fancy a swap for our Ralph? Good luck Alison


best wishes wendells for harys op/ take care caroll


Hello Hudson :)

He is a cutie labradoodle Wendells.

I am wishing you and Harry all good wishes for a successful op tomorrow.

Will be thinking of you.

BC x


Although I am a proud owner (no not owner but) I share my life with a very intelligent cat 'Caspurr' and I feel domestic animals can show amazing intelligence; love and caring. Not too far back I was suffering with black outs and whenever I came out of them Caspurr would always be by my side and only leave me once he knew I was okay. Your son's beloved friend will be okay and will get over the surgery pretty quickly. As with others I send you; your family and of course Harry much love and sincere best wishes...

Caspurr and moi... XXX


He is a real cutie what is his name.

All the best to you and Harry home the op goes well thinking of you


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