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can anyone help with my asthma

i have asthma and have since last year as i grew out of it when i was three and then got it back again through catching a chest infection... anyway could someone please help me with ways to deal with the panic attacks that i have every time i have an attack its usually worse at night and i panic because i cant breath and that results in my asthma attack getting worse please help !! thanks oh and i have tried my inhalers i have a salbutamol (blue) and the brown one and also i use a spacer !!

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Hi , Everyone On Here Would Have Had Them At Some Point ... In My Case I Had Them Bad My Neck Would Feel Tight And Then Would Feel Like A Can't Breath And Panic

So I Don't Where Things Tight Round My Neck Anymore My GP Told Me To Blow In A Bag ... But That Transpired To Be Dangerous Given My Condition

A Was Told About Distracting Myself .... But That Didn't Work

But I Found Taking Sip's Of Water Or Cordial Helps When Ever Feel Tight ... Defo Helped Me So I Don't Go Anywhere With Out My Water Now ....

In My Case Also When My Breathing Because Of MY Condition I Can Find My Heart Is Playing Up A Take Big Breath And Then Blow Out As Hard And As Long As I Can ... But Would Not Recommend That As A Don't Have Asthma ...

Hope That Sip Of Water And Not Having Stuff Tight Round Neck Helps

All The Best :)


Nightly asthma attacks are a sure sign that you are not on enough control medication and you need to see your GP asap and step up your asthma medication, i'm not surprised you are having panic attacks as well. I'm sure when you sort the asthma you will calm the panic. Please get an urgent review with your medical team, night time symptoms are classic of uncontrolled asthma, remember if you are having an attack you can pre- load the spacer with up to ten puffs of (blue) salbutamol in an emergency.

Good luck .


Hi Vixen, please see my earlier comment regarding the anti-anxiety drug Ativan. It is designed to assist those with panic attacks which make breathing problematic. It is available only on prescription so I suggest you contact you GP to discuss this treatment and, if he agrees he can give you a script. Stay well. Martin


Panic attacks are just about our worst enemy, it's a chain reaction, as you will have discovered they are almost self induced, so if you think that someting is going to cause an attack, it will.

The experts tell me all you have to is break the circle, easy to say, not so easy to do. Once the panic sets in it is very hard to control, so you need to stop it before they start. slow breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth as though you are sighing.

Find something to distract you, I found a game on my phone worked for me, while I concentrate on that I don't think about breathing.

My real help came from a hypnotherapist three sessions with him changed my life, we worked through the list of things that caused the panic and now what used to terrify me is just a thought in my head. Try a download from the net, there are several hypnosis for panic attacks avaiable, it might sound strange and you might think this will never work but try it a few times and if like me you suddenly find that when an attack starts you think about what the hynotist has told you.

I am not saying it is the perfect answer but anything and everything helps, good luck


Thanks for the ideas moneal, I will look for the websites about panic attacks, I find trying to breathe gently helps too but easier said than done in a crisis


I am asthmatic too and know the panic only too well, the breathlessness and the panic feed off each other.

I think the first step is to make an appointment with your gp today as your asthma is not under control, there are other medications you can take as well as your inhalers.

Then phone the BLF helpline. There is also information on their blog about panic and anxiety.

There is help out there , I have hypnosis and meditation tapes which help, but your asthma needs sorting first


I totally agree Knitter, talk to your Asthma Nurse or the GP, sometimes a change of meds is all thats needed to get it back under control.

The hypnotism teaches you to be one step ahead of the panic and so stop it before it starts. Try this one advancedhypnosis.org.uk/


Not much to add! If you attack is life threatening or you have a brittle asthma event when you may have to call 999!

Get yourself a plan with your healthcare provider to get your asthma under control! Know how to manage YOUR asthma! What to do when you are well and what to do when things are going out of control! If you know what to do and your asthma is under control your confidence should increase and your fears decrease!




I would agree with all the above but also try to learn yoga breathing and meditation - it will help with the panic and also help you keep calm generally. Having said that when I had my last asthma attack (the first one to land me in hospital) I had a job keeping calm too,


I would ask your doctor about what dose of inhaler you should be on and take it regularly.

You mentioned trying your inhalers but it sounded like you tried them a couple of times and stopped. I apologise if I misinterpreted what you meant .

With inhalers, it takes time for the effect to build up. I had a terrible time with my asthma earlier this year and it took 14 days to notice the effect, and from then on things were a lot better. I am on Flutiform 250/10.

Then there's also a genetic difference between people's reactions to asthma inhalers. A certain % of people won't get better on them and have to resort to other forms of treatment. I had my genes tested and was lucky, I had both the right genes or alleles of whatever to react well to inhalers, and I really do. Not everyone does and it is possible you have the genes that mean you don't.

Ignore the dangerous talk about soups and herbs, asthma will not improve that way. Talk to your doctor!

Good luck


Hi vixengirl1992

I know how you feel you seriously need to see your GP about your asthma and try and breathe deeply when your having an attack and believe me I know how hard it is to breathe. I don't think you can grow out of asthma the thing that must have happend to you is symptoms were not there, but came back I hope you get better control ASAP,

Also feel free to message me if you have any questions about asthma


Panic is not a luxury an asthmatic has. Check out Buteyko breathing methods. His protégé Patrick (something) has a low cost video that is a game changer for some.


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