I lost my Virgin..............Hee HEE.....not funny!

Last night I had a terrible experience,I lost my Virgin.....I was real hurt without my Virgin....

I was unconsolable having lost my Virgin.......who could I tell I had lost my Virgin.............

for all of you who have lost your Virgin.......you will know how it feels.I must have fallen asleep after losing my Virgin.......when I woke up I felt I had to tell somebody about losing my Virgin.......I phoned this man about my Virgin .....problem.He told me not to worry as it happened to a lot of people in my area and they too had lost there Virgin......He explained that there was a healing process to my losing my Virgin............and that I would not have to pay for the time that I would be without my Virgin.........approximately another four hours.

It took a little longer than that but now I feel whole again and I am pleased to be back on site,



Off to Breathe Easy with you

Join up soon.Phone 03000 030 555 for details Mon-Fri 10am 6pm

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Four hours? That's Virgin on the ridiculous :) x


SHRIEK ! Wonderful ! Nurse clean PJs please ! :-)

Did you lose it as well?

Well, King, my virgin bloke dropped in Thursday to update my system, but he missed my lungs. He did a really good job so now we have a wonderful system. The TV, computer and the phones were all updated. Then he put a new security thingy on my computer. But he rang up and asked if he could come in the morning rather than the afternoon. Rocked the boat a bit because I wasn't changed.

I am pleased he fulfilled you needs

i lost mine the other day, same thing, nice man in Bangalore said it would be back by 5pm and that he would credit my accounts. It went off at 7.30am for me, back on about 12.30 lunchtime.

No idea what they've done as nothing changed here. My Superhub stayed at V2.38.01, so it wasn't a software update, BUT, they wiped the modem and put it back to factory settings, which I was not pleased about as I'd not backed that up recently so I lost some of my info :(

Of course, not everyone on here will be a Virgin and won't have a clue what we're on about ;)

We can't all be Virgin...

I lost my internet for about 45 mins last night, I was like a woman possessed! Same when my sky box went off a couple of months ago. How have we become totally reliant on these things?

Just have to reach for the sky!!!!!!!!

I am a Virgin and I find it great it is a bit slow sometimes but it gives me great pleasure when it speeds up!

:D :D

You don't laugh when you lose your Virgin....scrobbity

Thought you said you were innocent :d

That was a ploy to get a teddy ! :)

You might get a little one!!!!

Scrobbity is really.Whe likes to keep quiet in case she loses her Virgin...always smiling

Looks askance at Jandan.

Bobby xxxx


I am getting some vibes from that

Oh dear I lost mine back before it was common to be Virgin, Sky had me LOL


Lots of girls lose their virgin 'cos their head are in the clouds.

Bobby xxxx

You should knowBobby

You confuse me.You used to watch the sky and now you tell me you are Virgin.

Think about it!

I'm a BT girl :)

I am not worried about BT's are you sure you're not Virgin on the rediculous

I like my dongle .... :d

Sandra x x x

have you got one for big hand to hold

im a sky girl, but glad you goy it back


A lot of girls like watching the sky.Hee HEE

What a big response to what some would conceive to be a little happening

Well I'm not a virgin - oops shouldn't have said that ha ha xx

Are you after one of my huge teddies?Eh

Damn you guessed! Huge teddy, top shelf please LOL xx

OK You win I think you qualify!

Thank you will expect it in the post ha ha xx

I was thinking of Personal delivery

Now, now down boy - metaphorically of course ha ha xx

Better luck next time Eh?

I'll have to ask my Mummy lol

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