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Saw the consultant yesterday!

I saw my consultant yesterday, originally for a 6 month check up but I'd only seen him just over 2 weeks ago for my chest infection that has been lingering for months. Yes I know you all told me take my emergency meds.

My small airways were down 25% last time and have gone down further. My lungs sounds are very rough and when I cough they get worse. Apparently this is due to the inflammation in the small airways. I've been given meds but told not to take them unless I have to and to call or text him if I'm getting worse.

I have my appointment with occ health to get a fan on 4 July. We are also having major redecoration done at work starting 8 July and he said I had to stay well away until 2 weeks after the work has been completed!

I had already asked the deputy chief fire officer if I could have a desk in service headquarters and no it's not just because of all those fireman,

Watch this space


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I shall watch with interest alanjudy, hope all goes well. Pity about the firemen.

Lib x


Hope you are feeling better soon Judith and hope you get the desk job away from the decorating area making breathing a little easier for you (where all the nice young men are ;) although that could set your heart racing ) ;) ;)


Get well soon and take very good care (you could always send the fireman this way if theres one spare) JULIE X


What a ridiculous wait for the fan. 4th July? It's probably just as well that the weather is not so brilliant. I'm with Julie on the spare fireman, so if there's two going .............. Get well soon. xx


So we rename Independence Day, Fan Day. Don't get too excited by the firemen. Hope you have begun to feel better. x


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