I am 58 with cronic bronchitis emphysema and pulmonary fibrosis I have been told by my consultant I will be on azithromycin 500 three times a week for the rest of my life when I asked him about the reports of people dying sudden death because of this antibiotic was told it was better for me to be on it than not on it any body else with my disease and does anybody have any idea how much longer I have to live as consultant cant tell me

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I have bronchiectasis and my consultant has recommended azithromycin. I am not too keen in view of all the potential side effects - also concerned one might build up was resistence to antibiotics. Anyway I decided to give it a try and started last week.

Out running on Friday and got bitten by a dog so now back on normal antibiotics and had to stop the azithromycin for the moment so cant really comment on its effects.

I have to take this drug too for bronciecatasis. I think a lot of the concerns over it have now been disproved recently. My consultant warned me about them at the time and does regular ECG test to see if they are affecting my heart, basically he said the benefits because of the severity of my lung condition out weighed the risk of the side effects.To be honest if I had not had it i do not think i would be here now for me its been literally a life saver and has kept me out of hospital. I know a lot of other people that feel the same about it as well. Good luck with it and I hope it works out for you to xx Julie

Been on it 6 months twice a week - no exacerbations in that time - works for me. Couple of side effects but hey they are worth it

I have been on it 3 days a week for over 2 years now and during that time I have only had one not too serious chest infection. I would be very worried now if I was told to come off it.

polly xx


It's all about balancing priorities. I'm on azithromycin, it's been a revelation. I'm quite happy to take the possible risks. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow. To be exacerbation/infection free is worth it my view. You'll need to think about what you feel the benefits to you will be.

Marie x

I repeatedly had chest infections every 2-3 weeks . The consultant prescribed azithromycin for me which i took every day , for 8 months . I didnt have any Side effects . The medication Worked very well for me i dont take them any longer i havent had any chest infections in 10 months....However i really dont want to tempt fate.

As a lifelong (now 58) severe allergic asthmatic, for last 10 years or so also COPD, Emphysema and more recently chronic pulmonary cavitating aspergillus and aspergillus bronchitis I have been on a daily 500mg dose for a year plus. I am now immune to all usual antibiotics but still take Ciprofloxin for flare ups. I would not report any worries about Azithrmycin long term, any more than the steriods that have kept me active for so long but left me with osteoporosis, thin skin and week muscles! Life expectancy - I was told 45 when in my teens, so live life for the joy, fun, love and laughter and dont worry.

Pete takes azithromycin three times a week and is doing well on it. He also takes Ciprofloxacin for a chest infection. He has sarcoidosis, copd and osteoporosis. Azith works well for him and he does not say anything about side effects. As for life expectancy - who knows. Just live for the day and be as well and as happy as you can be all things considered. Good luck to you. xxxxx

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