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Blog or question - puzzled!

Sometimes I read something on the blogs which actually cries out for an answer rather than a comment and on the questions ones that turn into just comments with no real answers. This is why I don't know under which heading to put this query.

I am 67 years old 5'2" and weigh 7st , my grandson is 5'4" weighs 8st and is 11 yrs old, his Grandpa is 6'5" weights 18st and is 65 years old and yet we all take exactly the same dose of Ventolin - how come.

I guess it should be under questions but then I am asking for comments as well

Oh just go for it maybe I will put on both ;)

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And I suspect all varying conditions and level of bad lungness too. It's a good point there Janet and have no idea whatsoever - since everything else is metered out according to child/adult and sometimes weight (they restricted the amount of steroids due to my tininess!) you would think that would follow suit. I dare say someone very clever may have the answer and so I wait in anticipation too.


Good question Jan....one I couldn't answer,but would be Intersting to know



Hi Jan, I have to say, I'm not really sure, although Scrobbitty does put forward a very good hypothesis apropos lung condition. I know with some mediations, poor absorptions can increase the quantities prescribed for me to tackle similar problems in people of a larger frame than myself.

A thought provoking blog, Jan :)

Sandra x x x


sorry, that should have said "medications"


I think the answer maybe in the amount they are allowed to take in an emergency Jan, I can take up to 20 puffs if very SOB but I imagine your Grandson would be limited to 8

Ask your nurse next time you see her





Well I know nothing, however some meds are prescribed so many mg per kg (that is by how much you weigh) Some like painkillers are by how old you are. If as I suspect it is done by number of puffs and it was when I was on inhalers then the actual amount of the medication you take directly into the lung is so small that dosage on size or weight or even lung size would make no difference.

Imagine a broadbean, pretend it weighs 1g.

Take that broadbean and cut it into 1000 pieces. 1 piece will weigh 1mg

Now take that 1 piece and cut that into a 1000 pieces. 100 pieces will weigh 100microgram (the amount of medication that comes out in 1 puff my ventolin.)


A very good blog and have to say one I have given some thought too before, I have always thought it would probably depend on severity of condition, and what the condition is xxx


Good blog hope we get a definitive authoritative answer.

Betcha Gordon knows



It's a very good question and one I have never given any thought to. You would have thought they would work it out at so much per pound weight. Sorry. I'm English, I don't do kilos.

Love from Bobby xxxx


A very interesting point that I'd never considered before. I would like to know the answer to that too.

Anna xx


Here's the way I look at it - it's not the amount, but the length of time the drug is effective. .

You take some medication once a day and it lasts for 24 hours, other meds may be 2 puffs twice daily, or whatever. The GP's usually decide how much each patient should take per day.

Some people's salbutamol inhalers are 'as required' and will relieve an attack when they get one. BUT - I've yet to figure out the point of taking Salbutamol (Ventolin or whatever alternative) 2 puffs 4 times a day. It's a reliever, so isn't much use unless you're having problems and need to use it.

I carry the blue inhaler, but only use it if I need to. Some days none at all, some days I may use it a few times, especially if I'm out for the day.

I'm not giving this as a 'definitive authoritative answer' as Chris suggested, this is just the way I've looked at it and I could be totally wrong of course.


It relieves you from having problems in the first place.



I beg to disagree on that one, that's using it in reverse and not what it's supposed to be for ?


As I say I don't do medical.But I can say from my experience if I don't take them then I suffer.I have also been told to take my puffs before I do anything that is to me strenuous rather than wait until I have to take them.I don't give medical advice I just abide by the advice I am given by my profesional clinicians.


Well it's a better one than we've come up with, so as far as I'm concerned I'll go with you on that one :)


Last time I saw my nurse I told her that some days I feel I could do without my inhaler but she said I must use it regardless of how I feel. So I take my tabs & inhaler and do as I'm told.

I'm a good girl me..:)


I've been on the same dose of ventolin for the last 25 years. What has changed is the long acting relievers, sometimes for the better but quite often for the worse. I'm glad the ventolin has always been there because some of the other changes to my medication, has left me in particularly hopeless situations.


As already said a very interesting blog. I don't know the answer either but from reading (the dreaded Daily Mail) I have learnt that drinking Grapefruit juice can hamper the effect of some medications. Shame as I prefer it to orange juice.

Also after a major house move I acquired an new GP and nurse. At last years review the nurse commented that she did not know why I took a Montelukast tablet - an asthma prescription. Hey I don't know why I take most of the 'stuff'. My problems started at less than 1 year old and it is just 'habit'?

Anyway I stopped the tablet. within two weeks I was exhausted, short of breath and weepy. My peak flow readings had crashed to less than the point where I was told to start steroids but there was no sign of infections. A telephone conversati9on with the nurse cancelled the use of steroids with no further suggestion. Two days later I reached into the pill cupboard and the Montelukast fell out. I took one and the next day my peak flows had improved. After three days they were back to my version of normal. Moral there is a reason for taking the tablets - I have Asthma as well as Bronchiectasis.



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