I am a Sensitive man................Tele off ,feet up.g&t or a beer and have a nice read,

A woman met me in a bar.

We started talking,sort of made friends

and we ended up leaving together.

We got back to my place,and I showed her around my apartment (please don't tell my wife about my apartment).

She noticed that one wall of my bedroom is completely filled with soft, sweet, cuddly teddy bears(please don't tell my wife about the bears)

There are three shelves in my bedroom,with hundreds and hundreds of cute,cuddly teddy bears carefully placed in rows,covering the entire wall !(please don't tell the wife because she says I am untidy)

It was obvious that I had taken quite some time to lovingly arrange them and she was immediately touched by the amount of thought I had put into organising the display(please don't tell the wife because she thinks I am a disorganised person at home)

I have small bears along the bottom shelf.medium sized bears covering the length of the middle shelf and huge,enormus bears running along the top shelf.

(please don't tell the wife,she'll think I've gone soft)

She found it strange for an obviously masculine guy like myself to have such a large collection of Teddy Bears.

She is quite impressed with my sensitive side but doesn't mention it to me.

We shared a bottle of wine(please don't tell the wife,she thinks I am Teetotal) and continued talking and after a while she found herself thinking

'Oh my God! May be this guy could be the one!'(she's going to get a surprise if the wife finds out,please don't tell her)

''Maybe this could be the future father of my children?''

She turned to me and WOW kissed me lightly on the lips(don't tell the wife but)

I responded warmly

We continued to kisss and the passion built up.I romantically lifted her in my arms and carried her into my bedroom where we ripped off each other's clothes and made hot steamy love.

She was so overwhelmed that she responded with more passion,more creativity,more heat than she has ever known

After an intense,explosive night of raw passion with this sensitive guy(me) we are lying there in the after glow.

She rolled over and gently stroked my chest and asked me coyly

''Well how was it?''

I smile gently at her

stroked her cheek,

looked deeply into her eyes

and said









Help yourself to any prize from the middle shelf.........


Your Daily tonic


Go to Beathe Easy start talking and make friends

Join your local Breathe Easy.Details are available from BLF Helpline 03000 030 555 Mon-Fri

10am 6pm Or take a look at the British Lung Foundation website

39 Replies

  • Bad, bad boy LOL :) Very funny - send a bear or the wife gets it ! xx

  • Wasn't there someone coming to my party with a bear?

  • That was me tina I said I would only come if I could bring my teddy cos I am scared of the dark, ted likes to get out too lol x

    great joke did'nt see that coming xxxxxx

  • Oh I thought that that was where you got him - not suggesting anything of course!

  • Now now Tina behave,and don't tell my wife

  • A nice cuddly joke HEE Hee

  • Down in the woods is it Tina?

  • I can't 'bear' it scrobbity

  • I didn't see that coming. Coffee splutter all dow me.


    Love Tina x

  • Showing my true colours!

  • Does anyone know how to get cherry cola off of a keyboard? I Loved it Richard, keyboard didn't.


  • Ewwww brings a new meaning to 'sticky' keys ! :)

  • Sorry about the keyboard Bobby

  • Damp microfibre cloth. :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Thanks Sandra

    Bobby xxxx

  • Teddy Bears Picnic!!

  • It will be down in the woods,all bares welcome !!!!!

  • naughty naughty, now tell us if you have three shelves

    bottom one tiny goldfish,

    middle ~ medium size goldfish

    top ~ Whoppers


  • That's a fishy question!!

  • Nurse nurse can I have some clean PJs !

    When you play that through like a video.......


  • Don't tell the wife,but video killed the!!!!

  • How does one get a bear from the top shelf then? okay straight to the 'naughty step' :D X

  • Very good question. Richard? ....... :)

  • Scrobbity.My answer goes to you to

  • I think you are rude,now stay on the step until you can prove to me how to get the top shelf teddy

  • Hahaha !! loved it. :) Anna xx

  • Teddy off top shelf for you for loving it,please don't tell the wife

  • Don't get it ;)


    Ms Innocent :D

  • You can have a tiny teddy for being so innocent.I will have to check your innocence out with Bobby first

  • Now I,m a top shelf sort of gal,but I,m afraid as a friend of your wife, you,re toast King



  • I have informed my lovely, gorgeous,adorable,beautiful,charming,witty,wife that there is a toaster coming.

  • Brilliant, King. That'll make me titter to myself every time I think about you! :-) :-) :-) Alison

  • Keep tittering,please don't tell the wife why

  • I'm telling your wife!!!!

    Sandra x x x

  • I've got a name for people like you.Tell tale

  • Sorry I will have to tell your wife, we cannot have you behaving in this manner. ( I could be persuaded not to tell If I get a teddy )

  • Do you prefer a big one!!!!

  • Of course............

  • LOL very good as usual - thank you xx

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