Apology to Jandan

I recently published a joke under the heading "Apology to KOTC". Unbeknown to me this joke had already been published by Jandan. I hadn't seen it which is strange because I am here every day nearly. I was possibly at the hospital that day or else senility is fast approachng me.

The version I published was sent to me about seven months ago by my son. It was an unfortunate mix up and there was no intention on my part to steal Jandan's thunder. However, I feel it is only right to apologise to Jandan and say that I hope she continues with the funnies.


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  • Oh I also wonder if a joke I am posting has already been told by someone else. It can happen, but with my memory I laugh again because I've invariably forgotten it haha!

    It's like TV programmes, after a while I can watch the same thing again because I'll have forgotten it, although that isn't always the case, if something makes a deep impression then I will remember it but then it is usually worth watching a second time anyway.

  • hahaha I keep doing that with books too Some thing about illness that seems to effect the memory or could it may be the side effects of the drugs, I do know anasthetic effects it too xx

  • I am watching Wild at Heart on dvd but keep going back to series I've already watched because I've forgotten some of it. Old age doesn't come alone. :)

  • You daft bugger where do you think I get my jokes from? I pinch them too :D Apology accepted even if not needed XXXXXX

  • Thank you Jan. You are a sweetheart.

    Love from Bobby xxxxx

  • Have you or Bobby or kotc got any you could post today could do with a giggle I had a long day yesterday at my daughters care home so could do with a gigglexx

  • Hi Bobby.Jokes are being stolen,borrowed repeated every day but who cares if they make someone laugh.Although I wouild like to see new jokes each day.


    Your daily tonic

  • Bobby I dont think theres a problem with repeating a joke as new members join all the time and may have missed it first time round. I do think its so sweet that you apologised to Jan though.xx

  • Thank you, Julie. You are very kind.

    Love from Bobby xxxx

  • How is your Guinea Pig these days Has he managed to get out of the garage much recently now the weathers warmer ? XXXXX

  • He is being moved outside this weekend. He was out exercising yesterday but he went a bit over the top. He has got a new teddy friend now which keeps him busy.

    Bobby xxxx

  • Yes you do need to be careful with them regarding exercise when they have been put away in the winter, sorry to hear he went a bit over the top, Do not let his new friend overtire him though,and be careful no one steps on him they do move rather fast dont they xxxx Julie

  • Poor guinea pig :( Some TLC required I think.

    It was still a great joke - both times LOL xx

  • used to have a guinea pig when the kids were young.spent all my time clearing up after him / her

    Cute little thing,but boy did he have an attitude :)

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