Feeling down

I haven't been on the site much just lately but I had some bad news a week or so ago .My brother was found dead in a stream near we're he lived he was only 61 .I am finding it hard to accept he's gone

Their has got to be an inquest as they couldn't find a cause of death they just know he didn't drown and they have given us a temp death certificate so we can bury him but will have to wait up to 3 months for the inquest So sorry if I don't join in or seem a bit gloomy but hope you understand and on top of that I keep getting these awful infections just finished a course of doxy hope I feel better soon .THanks for letting me waffle


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I'm so sorry to hear your news Liz. To die in such a tragic and unexpected way makes everything much harder to deal with. I hope you have plenty of support around you.

The fact that you are low with an infection won't help either. Feel free to come on here and let it all out when you need to.

Lynne xx

Thanks lyn will do

Dear Liz, I'm really sorry to hear your sad news. It must be dreadful for you to loose your brother in this way. No wonder you feel down.

There'll be lots of love and support for you here. All the very best to you and your family. Peeg

I'm so very sorry Liz about your Brother,what a terrible shock for you,may he rest in peace.It's always so sad if you don't have any 'closure' when your loved ones suddenly leave this world.

I hope you start to feel better after your course of doxy,it must wear you down having all the infections,they realy can take it out of you and now having to cope with the tragic loss of your Brother.I'm praying for both of you,my heart goes out to you,anytime you want to talk I'm here,please don't feel bad about not joining in,I'm sure everyone will understand how you must be feeling,take care of you,big hugs and love,Carol HP. xxx

Oh Decor, you can waffle any time you need. Rotten rotten news for you and quite understandable why you feel down. All I can offer is a cyber (((hug))) and lots of special wishes xx

Oh liz I can't imagine how you must be feeling.you are welcome her any time and your absence will be understood but don't leave it too long. Your infections and meds will only serve to bring you down too. Deepest sympathy liz.


So sorry to hear about your brother. ((((((hug)))))))

Hi Liz, so sorry for the loss of your brother, things must be so difficult for you at the moment, its understandable you are feeling withdraw, please try and access some counselling through your GP at this most difficult time, it will help you cope during this upsetting period in your life I feel sure.

I hope this will be your last lung infection for a very long time. Try to keep yourself as well as you can with eating well and little walks out when you can to help boost your immune system, and try to put something into each and every day that helps you feel nurtured in some way, play some music your enjoy, watch you favourite programmes or films on tv etc.

Sending loads of get well wishes and healing thoughts you way.

Take good care BC x x

So sorry Liz,please accept my condolences.What an awful shock for you,I can only try to imagen what you have & are going through.Do take care of yourself,& do have a "waffle" whenever you need it,

Big Hugs,

Love Wendells xxx

Condolences on the death of your brother. As someone else said, come on here as often as you feel the need. My thoughts are with you. x

Liz I am so deeply sorry to hear your news sl shocking and so terribly sad. My deepest condolences. Take one day at a time and take good care of yourself. With much love TAD x x

Hi decor Ian so sorry to hear the very sad news of your brother big hugs xxx

So sorry to hear that. Your mind must be giving you no rest whilst you try to come up with an explanation. I do hope you are blessed with faith and that this gives you comfort.

Hello Liz, I am sorry you have had such tragic news. Look after yourself, you will get through this. Libby

So sorry for your loss Liz, it must have been a terrible shock. I hope things improve for you very soon. Sadie xx

Hello Liz - what a dreadful thing to happen and it must be so dificult for you to cope with.

I do hope that you find some peace soon.

Love and hugs



So sorry about your news Liz my heart goes out to you and your family. It must be so distressing for you all.

It is never waffle when you need to talk you just remember that




sending my sympathies and condolences for the death of your brother. My own brother died in similar circumstances, He was found dead in his flat, by the police the day before his 53rd birthday. He failed to turn up for a meeting with my other brother, and we could not get in his flat.Like you we were told we had to wait 3 months for the results of his pm. This is the hardest time as you need to have answers to make sense of your tragic loss. Sadly we never found the cause of Jeffs death, but he had been using slimming tablets bought over the internet and the coroner did mention these.

Please take it one day at a time, nothing anybody can say can help you make sense of it all right now as every scenario runs through your mind. Look after yourself and please if possible focus on the good times you had together I will keep you in my prayers if thats ok xxxxx Julie


Sorry to hear of your loss Liz. It is hard to lose a brother without the terrible circumstances yours was found in. There is little you can do now other than wait for the inquest to be held. Perhaps you will get some comfort fom the verdict. I will be thinking of you.

Love and a big cuddle from Bobby xxxx

Sorry to hear of your sad news Liz, my heart goes out to you, it is much harder to cope with sudden tradgedy like this.I bet your mind is in turmoil plus that awful feeling of loss. God be with you.

Really sorry for your sad news. I also lost my big brother, unfortunately to suicide on his 47th birthday, seven years ago. Although we knew the cause, it did not stop us from grieving. I think about him nearly every day, I too struggled to accept his passing but now I do accept what happened, and remember lots of good fun things about his life. I hope you feel in better health soon, please take care of yourself. And keep talking about how you feel, I think that really helps.

Love Anna xxx

Please accept my condolences on the tragic loss of your brother. A sudden death is always harder to bear.

Sending love and hugs. How terrible for you. A great shock too. Hope you get some clear answers .... it's hard waiting for a delayed inquest. Take very good care of you right now. When my Mum died, I had the worst exacerbation ever had and that was because I forgot to take care of me ... forgot my vitamins and didn't eat well for a while. So important to have your vitamins that the Doxy is killing at the moment . Treat it as your job not as your privilege to look after you. x

So sorry to hear your very sad news Liz. What a terrible thing to have happened. Sending you hugs and good wishes and hope you do feel better healthwise very soon. Take care. xxxx

Decor, really sorry to hear about your brother, no wonder you feel down. How tragic and so sad. Please keep In touch on this site and talk to you GP.........Adrian

Very sad news my thoughts are with you xx

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