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A eureka moment

Some of you lovely people know I care for my mum who has end stage emphysema. She is now receiving palliative care and has just been introduced to the hospice at home service.

We have been made aware that her next infection could be her last :-(

She has home and ambulatory oxygen, and a nebuliser, four times a day, contains ventolin and respontin.

Over the last week or so, she has become increasingly breathless, and after putting it down to the weather etc., she started her rescue pack. Our matron came on Wednesday and couldn't detect infection, just wheezy, but to carry on with antibiotics and increase steroids just in case.

Today, mum was worse, really struggling for breath even at rest, so we got the matron out again, still no infection but really wheezy. She suggested doubling the ventolin for her nebuliser, but she was a bit puzzled as to the cause of her excessive wheeze.

I set the nebuliser going and my mum piped up that the nebuliser had been a bit iffy for the last few days, it doesn't seem to be 'steaming' much and was leaking.

The bloody thing hadn't been getting anywhere near enough drug into her lungs, the matron and I looked at each other and both said ' eureka '.

It sounded perfectly normal, but barely anything coming out of the mouthpiece.

After a phonecall to the chest clinic, we got a replacement ( thank goodness we found out today and not over the weekend ), so hopefully she will start to improve now.

We have a wedding next Saturday and she is desperate to be well enough to attend, fingers crossed she will be

Sorry for waffling

Val xx

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Hi Val, so glad you got the nebulizer replaced promptly, keeping fingers crossed your Mum will be tip top by next Saturday.

Wishing you good weather and a happy healthy day for the Wedding.

Best to you and your Mum.

BC x


hope your mum feels a little better ,sounds like she has wonderful love and care around her bless thinking of you all please give her a hug x


Strange how so often we miss the obvious thing but glad that you found it in time. Keeping fingers, eyes and everything else crossed that you all have a very enjoyable wedding weekend. X


Thank you Blakey, I really hope she will be well enough. She will be devastated if she is to unwell x


I will say a prayer for her ,that she will go to the wedding.Would'nt it be wonderful



Well done for getting it sorted so promptly. I hope the wedding goes well. x


As Others Have Said Well Done ..... Hope All Go's Well :)

Al The Best :)


That was certainly an eureka moment! Do hope your Mum is feeling better by now,& can look forward to the wedding.

Thank God, she has a caring daughter,

Hugs to you both,

Love Wendells xxx


So glad the problem was found .Will pray your mum gets to wedding and every thing improves


From someone who wishes you well but you don't know...I send my loving prayers to you, your mum and the whole family - I was once part of a large, loving family...they have all gone now but I remember what LOVE and CARE is. Blessings xxx


What a good job you worked it out. I hope she is able to go to the wedding.

Lynne xx


Life is so quirky most of the time but brilliant news about the nebuliser. She shall go to the wedding (reminds me of Cinderella) ! Don't forget to let us know how everything goes - nosey is our middle names (ok, I speak for myself here!) xx :)


Thank goodness for eureka moments! Fingers crossed Mum will be well enough and you all have a fabulous time at the wedding! Happy weekend and hugs for happy couple,hope the weather is glorious! huff xxx


Thanks to all, hopefully a working nebuliser, a good nights sleep and a sip of morphine will see her feeling a bit more like herself.

The wedding is that of my brothers stepdaughter, so sort of her grandaughter, so it's a big thing for her to attend. I will keep you posted xxx


Wishing you and all the family a wonderful pre wedding week and may each day see your Mum getting progressively better and stronger for the big day. x x BC x x


prayers and all best wishes to u and your mum she will by the grace of god go to the wedding ,novenas said ,


Thank god you found out! I am going to check my husbands now! Hope she is well enough for the wedding TAD x x


Hi Val so pleased you found the problem fingers crossed it does the trick - the best to your Mum and you xx


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