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Just to keep up to date. I know that a lot of the men on here at times, including me to be honest. The good news is that Viagra comes off patent today and they reckon that generic copies of it will come down to as little as 80p a pill compared to about £8 a pill previously. Diabetics get presciptions for it so it will also give the good old NHS a financial boost too. Women of Britain you can smile again, or not as the case may be.

Love to all from Bobby xx

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  • Viagra? What is that. Is it cat food? Our cat is so fussy.

  • It is for fussy pussies that are difficult to please


  • Oh that's why I didn't know we, havn't got a cat.

  • It's to help know..... errrm...... Scrobbity tell her what it's for.

    Bobby xxxx

  • Heart problems? ;)

  • Daft bat!


  • You're not far from the truth actually scrobbitty. It was originally developed as a treatment for high blood pressure and heart disease. The other use was a side effect. :)

  • I thought it was to stop men rolling out of bed during the night.

  • Only when they are on cruises.

  • only one problem with that if your on blood pressure tablets, things go up ok, but you fall down and I ain't joking, funny now but not at the time,, so the mind was willing the other bit was willing the rest said no way josse :O

  • I never thought of that nogger. Luckily for me I am not on blood pressure tablets and at 80p a pop I might go for it twice a year now. lol


  • I had my first MI on the job, you never know what's round the next corner,

  • £1.60 !!! A year... Nope.the wife's alright but .... £1.60 :)

  • Jambo

    Yeh, a good point mate. Mind you, if she puts her teeth in and combs her face and the lights are low? Nah! You were right in the first place. lol


  • Oooooh ! don't over do it, you never know what'll appen, things might drop off if they ain't bin oiled in a while, hhhhhhhhhhhhhheehheehhee!!! :P

  • Nearly rusted up completely now lol


  • got some WD40 if that will should do the job or do you prefer Vaseline :D

  • Nope,sorry but can't justify £1.60 a year on the wife,I mean come on..what if next year she says,'have you got £2.40 spare'.... Have to draw a line somewhere :)

  • I could always take a mistress. 80p ain't too bad for a mistress is it?


  • you bragging or complaining ?haha!

  • lol


  • But that's an increase of another that's now 2.40 on the missus,and 80p on the mistress. £3,20 !!!! Christ this is getting painful

  • Think I will leave this one to the men,play nicely, heheheheh xxxxx

  • Let's us women just let them "Rabbit" on eh?!!!! :-)

  • Yep agreed good idea ,

  • us rabbit! hark who's talking when god made you lot he fergot include the remote off switch :P

  • You obviously missed the subtlety of my remark but the women will know what I meant.

  • ;) We do :)

  • Enjoy again! lol X

  • Yep we sure do !!

  • Oh yes indeedy! ;)

  • More "Rabbits" amongst you women than you could find in a warren.

    Bobby xx

  • Love the subtlety Mapal lol, enjoying the buzz :-)


  • Lungs a bit shot at but the rest in good working order! ;-)

  • Lucky you!!

  • Aawhh! :-) :-)

  • Brian is having chemotherapy and that kill urges. BUT you find how wonderful how great your bloke is and you love him even more. Love annieseed xx

  • Sorry to be a party pooper, guys, enjoy your lives and enjoy each moment to the max!!

  • A Was Watching Embarrassing Bodies On Disfunction Very Interesting Apparently You Can Exercise :O

    No Not Conventual Me2ns By Tensing Muscles No Not In Your Arm Like When You Squeeze One Out :P

    But There Is A Heart Disease Test You Can Do To See If Its Psychological Dysfunction Or Somthing Heart Disease And Thats Goin Post Office Ad Buying Strip Of Stamps

    Don't Ask How Many ... Thats Personal Preference But Apparently You Lick Both Ends Of Stamps And You Wrap Them Round It Just As You Going Sleep

    If Stamps Have Snapped Its Psychological Dysfunction If Not It Heart Disease ... In My Case Psychological Dysfunction ... Which I Would Prefer To Sort With Out Pills

    Just Thought Ad Share That As Its Somthing A Would Not Of Known Or Gone Doc About :)

    Great Post :)

  • I'm sorry Daz I mean no disrespect or criticism but why do you start every word with a capital ?

  • Habit Really ....

  • Hhahaheh heh!! hah! :D I realy needed to know you're going to be playing tents!! Have fun :) xxx ;) :p xxx

  • You ladies will be glad of us fellas when the rabbits get myxomatosis and your batteries are flat, then you'll be glad of the real deal.

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