oy where's all the fun gone

this used to be a happy, full of laughter plus good info, place to be now all of a sudden it seems to be full of doom and gloom, apart from the odd member who tries to bring a bit of cheer into our lives, its gone to the nimbys by the looks of things, oh! and if your wondering, no I am not new to this site I had a little problem, which did not keep me down like someone hoped it would, :P

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  • I've been out today but I'll get my ad libs in when I can. :)

  • Don't despair!

    I think some jokes and humorous posts have just been added to the blogs section.

  • er this is the blog or it was last time I looked, you been at the choky liquers again, lmao :P

  • Suits me as it is, a good little forum with nice people, but if you want mega fun -----??

  • Me again - dont think you have been with us for very long, nogger!!

  • longer than you think don't believe every thing you see !! yes I know you just checked my info, think back a bit who was the poet of the north ? :D yes it's me :P

  • Info. is there to be read - thought I had seen your face from somewhere, think I spotted you in Tescos last week. Love Annieseed xx

  • Tesco's never, butchers and green grocers that's me, oh! and the odd lemon meringue pie recipe now and again. you getting ther yet

    hows the weeds doing or you been in the garden digging 'em out :D

  • Do you know, nogger, you must have been peeping from behind your curtains - on my way to the front door, i pulled some weeds from one of the tubs.

  • At the heart of this forum there is a group of wonderful human beings, they will not allow this oasis from the harsher side of life with lung disease to be trampled by people of somewhat lesser worth.

    It'll be cool - come back sometime.


  • sorry home but this is an open forum, and we can talk about what ever we choose just as you have , which I found hilarious so what's your point :

  • Can't say dont know what you read

  • the lady next door :D

  • noggerdadanog

    I'm still here making with the funnies. I do serious as well. Jack of all trades me


  • Good for you, mate! You are making me curl up!

  • why ?

  • Zed to you!!

  • and that's a crooked letter

  • yer I know you are bob, just getting a bit fed up of the holier than thou crowd, if you get my meaning, !! :) :O

  • When they bring the new forum in, they should have a sinners corner just for you, nogger

  • Most of us are but they seem to hold sway

  • ere I see anon's back, wonder who it is, as if I didn't know :D

    sorry homebreeze not having a go at you, just a little bit of retribution called for where a couple of members are concerned, but they ain't here, i'm normally happy go lucky. that is until certain people have a go at the ones who supported me when I first found this site, I made a lot of friends here and I will not see them subject to demoralization under any circumstances by any one, nothing personal but that's the way I am. :D


  • Hi nogger.

    Please keep taking your daily tonic by KOTC.

    You know you like it.

    Just to make things interesting I think there has been too much frivolity recently so tonight it is going to be 'back to the classroom'

    Nice to hear from you


  • I can do funny and I can do serious too, cos I am a woman and I can multi task.Glad you dont take life to seriously either I think its great to have a large mix of characters on any site, because thats what its like in the real world. Looking forward to hearing some jokes. xxxx Julie

  • Lots of people now mention on their heading/title if it's a light hearted or funny or not lung related blog so you can go straight to them and ignore us bores who are looking for help and interesting information. P

  • I know being an exblonde I'm not very bright but, In this post I have not got a clue what you are talking about. Is there a smilie for puzzled look ?

  • I'm with you exblonde I'm a bit lost too - puzzled together xx

  • Had to be you with a name like that! hope life's been treating you well noggerdadanog!!! :D X

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