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What is your personal experience of smoking and smoke?

I have always hated it, the smell of cigarettes or cigars, they stink and are disgusting!

That feeling could be due to the fact that smoke makes me feel so ill and always has done - my eyes swell and itch, I sneeze and can't breath.

My Dad smoked a pipe till I was 10 when he gave up overnight. He was due for a gallstones op and the anaesthetist showed him photos of smokers' versus non smokers' lungs. That was it, he stopped, and he had smoked since he was age 8 (!)

My bronchitis improved after he stopped smoking although I did still get it every winter till I was about 18, now I do sometimes but not every year.

What is your smoking history? How do you think it connects to your lung issues?

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I have never smoked and get angry when In go to a new appointment and asked have you given up smoking...GRRRRRRR

How infuriating they assume something that isn't true, and that is doctors who are supposedly scientists.


Thanks koala I get hot under the collar. :X

Hi exblonde like you I've never smoked but when people see me in the street with my oxygen they automatically assume I am, or was a smoker. GRRRRRRRR indeed!

Liz x

I smoked from age 11 until i was mid forties, gave up before I was ill, but within the year (if I remember right) I started with the chest infections, followed with the pneumonia etc. - Often wonder if I would have survived that if i'd still ahd been smoking. - glad I stopped and blame it for what I got. Did it to myself really. Wished I'd never started.


Definitely link my illness with my smoking, although on reflection, I can see that my mother, and my brothers also had something similar, but they were non smokers, and always down with chest infections after chest infections. I've only had pneumonia and the odd chest infection over the 45 years I was smoking. Since I stopped, it's been one long chest infection ..... :(

I packed in the weed a few years ago,and it's true that there's nothing worse than an ex smoker.the smell now turns my stomach.:(

yes me too, cannot stand even the smell on peoples clothes, like Annie says.

As an ex smoker, I can pick the smell up instantly if I am out. And it lingers in the clothes.

As a teenager in the 60s I succombed to peer pressure and started smoking. I now excuse myself by saying that we knew no better! Thankfully 30 years ago I saw sense and stopped before I got pregnant. As an ex-smoker I am now very sensitive to the slightest whiff of smoke and cannot understand why more people did not tell me when I smoked just how much I stank and my house stank! Thank goodness the welfare of my baby was important enough to make me see sense.

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For a smoker, the last thing he or she smells is the smoke on their clothes. I smoked from 15 until 4 months ago (60 years) although I did give up a few times for longish periods. When I started smoking, Although the health risks, no one bothered to tell the smoker and it was a social activity. I do bang on about this but it does annoy me and so here goes once again......If the Government, etc. were serious about everyone giving up smoking, why haven't they forced the tobacco manufacturers to remove the additives that are there purley to make their products addictive. Nicotine addiction can be overcome in 48 hours. The chemical addditives are a different matter.

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I smoked for 30 years and stopped 4 months ago....I have yet to feel any benefit from this,and infact think I feel worse . Not gonna lie ,I loved my cigs but decided for my health i needed to stop. Still would love one and miss them very much..and Im sure lots of you wont understandthat...but its the truth. Hopefully it will get easier...but I would never judge anyone elses decision to smoke...and hope to never becpme one of the worst kind of preaching ex smoker! This mite go against the grain on a lung site..but its how I feel...sorry!! Having said tgat I hope none of my children become smokers.


I smoked from the age of 12 until 14 months ago (now aged 66). I also miss the ciggies very much indeed, have put on over 3 stone in weight and initially had many more chest infections. That does seem to have settled a bit now but I agree with nowheeze I didn't have infections til I gave up smoking! I still love the smell unfortunately and breath deeply if passing someone in the street who is smoking. I wish I could smoke now, but can hardly breath without them, so there is no hope! I'm glad I gave up as everyone says its the very best thing you can do for your own health and I would encourage others to do the same, but easy it aint!! I have every sympathy for others struggling with it.


like you I cannot stand it.

Tried to smoke as a teenager to be like everyone else in my gang but only when leaning on a wall as I always nearly fell over in a faint.

Tried again as a student & probably only did average 6 per day. Stopped by 21.

Started again at time of great stress in early forties for at most 5 years, again av 6 per day.

My kids were all disgusted but sadly all went on to smoke. 2 of them still do. My youngest has smoked rollys for 10 years. My son has asthma & has smoked on & off for longer plus canabis. 3rd one gave up 5 years ago.

I cover my face when come across smokers outside grrrr. It's totally foul & stinks.

I could never kiss anyone who smelt of smoke.

As for outside offices, shops, pubs, cafes and restuarants, dont get me started!

Big Starbucks on way to GP & many ppl run past.

My bully step father smoked a pipe all my childhood & died at 49 of lung cancer.

There wasnt the education and understanding then (I also used to flake off bits of the asbestos patch on the ironing board).

You'd think ppl would be better informed now in 2013 about disability, health, motor bikes/cyclists/horses on the road but they aren't. Lot of ignorance out there

Viviennec, sorry but you just made me smile. Thank goodness I am not on my own here. Packed up smoking at the end of January after 45 years, smoking ordinary fags and for many years roll ups. But I miss them really I do, and its not often I hear people say that. I like the smell of freshly lit fags and have been known to walk behind smokers sniffing away quite happily. Cant stand stale smoke though. I have also put on two stone. Ah well I guess its better to be porky and alive. ....... Good luck to all thesmokers out there who are trying to give up.


How ur post has made me smile :) i could have written a cabon copy of it! although i only smoked for 35 years!! lol

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I have never held a cigarette in my life, but I have Bronchiectasis and severe lung problems.

It makes me cross sometimes that my lungs are so bad and I have never smoked. I would

probably be dead now if I had smoked.

Incidentally, I am allergic to smoke!!


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