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Allergy treatment for allergic asthma - not antihistamines

Allergy treatment for allergic asthma: when you're allergic to more or less everything they test for.

My lung doc did the skin test on my arm and I was allergic to more or less the whole lot, which was around 40 things.

Desensitisation only works for max 3, so not much good for me then!

What other methods are there besides desensitisation and anti-histamines, which both work and last for a long time?

I'm seeing my lung doc again soon but want to ask you all first so I can suggest things to him and see what he thinks.

Many thanks

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Desensitisation or anti-histamines are the only methods I know of. Maybe this is where Google may actually help without scaring you to death :D

Yes I agree with Jan those are, the only two I know of, but would advice being careful of the internet as there is so much outdated stuff on it and also a lot of rubbish printed too and not just from the American sites either sadly xxxxx

All 3 of my daughters have allergic asthma, but my middle one suffers the most, she had the skin prick tests and the list was endless.

She was prescribed Monteleukast (think that spelt right) , which are little diamond shaped tablets and they help.

She uses antihistamines as well when she needs them as well as Ventolin and Clenil

the drug xolair you have an injection once every 2 weeks and the results are very good but it costs the nhs £6000 to £7000 a year to treat you so you have to meet there criteria unfortunately I don't but children are being treated with xolair

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