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How often should you take your inhaler (for asthma)?

How often you should take your inhaler?

I am trying to cut down to once a day because I've been given the strongest dose (Flutiform 120/10) and now my asthma is under control I'm worried about osteoporosis, weight gain and hormone issues as I have already got somewhat malfunctioning adrenals etc

Many thanks for your advice

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Well I can only speak as the mother of an asthmatic Koala, but usually two puffs morning & night & up to 4 more during the day if breathless.

However I had an episode of severe SOB due to reaction to Mucodyne & A&E nurse said you can use it up to 20 times as this is the same as having a dose via nebuliser!!!

Don't fancy needing to do that but I,d ring BLF to check if I were you hun


I would recommend speaking to your GP/consultant regarding this, a quick check through google suggests it is not to be used as a reliever inhaler. Take care, Richard.

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