What does asthma turn into in older age?

What does asthma turn into in older age?

Vicky the BLF nurse told me during a phone conversation, and I have also read that asthma can turn into a COPD-like condition.

I want to know if there are ways to prevent that.

I'd also really appreciate more info in how it is similar to COPD (sometimes specified in what I read as emphysema).

Many thanks in advance

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  • Stays the same as far as I am concerned, koala! If anything gets a little worse. Love annieseed xxx

  • Mine went to Copd in my 50s,everyone different though! xx

  • Oh dear :-(

    Did you use to smoke at all? Or were you exposed to any of the known causes?

    Was it a direct conversion asthma ---> COPD?


  • Yes I did smoke at the time,so no doubt that was the downfall,if you don't smoke,probably would not happen!!

    So put that smile back on lol!! xxx

  • Oh thanks :-) I will! Im going to a wedding later today so a smile would definitely be good :-)

    I've never smoked, not even once. But of course second hand smoke hasn't always been possible to avoid GGRRRR.

    I went to a friend's birthday party once, we all went to a jazz club in London (early 90s) and after a short time I couldn't see through all the tears pouring down my face from my eyes which were reacting to the smokey air, so I went home. I was really annoyed that people's smoke prevented me from enjoying the evening.

    Take care x

  • I have had asthma since childhood and stupidly have smoked sinceI was 12/13 I have been diagnosed with mild COPD since I was 28

  • That's very young for a COPD diagnosis but I bet us asthmatics run a much higher risk of it if we smoke.

    I hope it stays mild.

  • My older sister is 70 and asthmatic all her life. She doesn't smoke and its still asthma not copd.

    Lynne xx

  • Oh that is good! xxx

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