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Oh happy days

Has anyone got some happy and funny moments from when we could do the things we can't do now.

Back in the 70s I was posted in Hong Kong,on a weekend off I decided to take me and my camera over to the new territories,walking in the hills I came across a little village,your typical little Chinese village.i was made to feel most welcome as we communicated through that universal language of pointing and nodding we do when no one speaks the lingo.was I hungry I was asked by an elder who rubbed his belly with one hand while pointing down his throat with the other.i was looking forward to this proper,home cooked Chinese feast,when I was presented with a plate of...... Fish fingers.!!!!!! I still titter today.

Has anyone else got some memories to share from their good old days ?


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I used to want to run a marathon but now I just want to eat one :(

That made me laugh,fancy sharing ? ;)

HAHAHAHA loved that one now they are called snickers but I still call them marathon

For me it was training greyhounds happy days xxxxsLove Julie

I trained greyhounds too ! Little greyhound pups, too scrumptious. Looked after the old retired racing greyhounds too. Worked 12 + hours a day, 7 days a week (no holidays) not even christmas, but still loved that job, I earned £3 a day for that in 1980.

They are lovely dogs and the retired ones make excellent pets as they are real couch potatoes only need a 20 min sedate walk a day, I really miss them hard work but good fun xxx

The first time I shot the rapids in a canoe. I was 13 and it was the most exciting thing I had ever done :)

In the 70,s everyday was an adventure Jambo


Working 17 hours a day to meet publishing and printing deadlines - I revelled in it :) Now it takes me all my time to print a picture from the internet. What a difference four years make - but now life is different and I've learnt to do it, but slowly and enjoy the process :)

Working a long stink at the office, working to a deadline, racing home, getting changed, then out clubbing to the very wee small hours, home, shower and change and sitting at my desk for 8am the next working day ..... I lived!!!!!

But we still have the same lively brains, nowheeze, scrobs & co. I remember my nursing days in London, such a long time ago. Another great time, was staying with my sister in Washington, DC. Sister used to work during the day, and I had DC all day long. And my family, bless them!

I would love to go back to my job,shaking cocktails and trying to make everyone happy


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