Bats (joke)

A lot of people don't like bats but I think they're sweet and I love watching them fly around at dusk. Here is a bat joke for you:

A vampire bat comes back to his fellow vampires with blood around his mouth. They stare at him jealously and ask him where he got the blood.

He asks them, "Did you see that tree back there?"

"Sure," they reply.

"Well, I didn't!"

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Absolutely love it. Reminds me of the one about the woman driver ........

Love from Bobby




Live dangerously I say. Well, not too dangerously. Nothing silly like answering the wife back. lol

Love from Bobby xxxx

ROFLOL... another one! And another tena lady moment too :)

Sandra x x x

HAHAHAHAHAHAH loved it so funny Koala. I have always loved Bats, thats cos I am as nutty as a fruit bat (well nothing worse than people that take themselfs to seriously and life too) So funny thank you xxxxx

Pass the tenas please

Love it and ignore Bobby he is too

I,ll sort Bobby out ladies LOL

A quick swish of wand & he,s a toad for the rest of the night

I love bats too, but then I am a daft bat :D


Missed me! Missed me!


Koala.You're bats


Your Daily Tonic


Thank you :-)

We once watched 29 bats fly out from under our roof. Tiny little bats, so adorable. As far as I know they haven't returned.

When I was married to my first wife we had bats in our roof space. You aren't allowed to shift them even if you want to. I didn't, she did. Nagged me endlessly about these bats. I used to love seeing them fly out at night but she just had a thing about them.

Bobby xxxx

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