100k in 24 hours .. for the British lung Foundation

100k in 24 hours .. for the British lung Foundation

hey all,

I am back- and this time I am walking 100k in 24 hours along the transpenine trail for the British Lung Foundation. it's going to be tough but it's for my dad who suffered more than I will ever know from IPF. My walk is a testimony to his life and as a tribute to him- to tell him just how much I loved him.

For any of you that would like to sponsor me- link is below.

words of support equally accepted


pictures to follow

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Hi Dion

Proud of you Dionne as will be you dear Dad and family and BLF.

Just donated hun with pleasure.

What a lovely thing to do in memory of your much loved Dad.

Good luck

Love cx

thanks so much. I cannot tell you how touched I am when someone I have never even met cares enough to donate. I wish some of the people I knew were so generous in spirit and kindness. Thanks from the bottom of my heart

D x

As cofdrop says, it is a lovely thing to do in memory of your Dad. Best of luck with it and all my warm wishes. xx

Bless you Dionne, may the pot be overflowing :). xox

thanks all- this site is so amazing for support- it seriously restores my faith in human nature whilst reminding me just how precious life is xxxxxxxx

Well done Dionne and good luck. I have made a very small donation

Lynne xx

thanks Lynne, your donation is from the heart and I am truly grateful

Dionne x

Hi Dionne Well done you no need to tell you how proud your Dad would have been off you he will be with you ever step of the way with you, I have just been in your sponsor sheet and read your profile and I can tell you are a lovely caring person and this wont be the last thing you do in memory of him or the BLF, Have a great day and enjoy we are with you in in our hearts, Mattcass

Good luck Dionne, just donated. Hope all goes well for you. xxxx

Lovely to see you again. I will donate too and say a huge thank you in advance for doing it.

xxx P

Just to let you all know I did it. 100K in 28 hours. Knackered now LOL

thanks for all your support

D xxxxxxxxxxx

Well done hun..


pics as promised

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