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It Was Fun While It Lasted On CLARITHROMYCIN 500mg For Next Ten Days

After Intermittent Feeling Like A Cow Pat Over Last Two Nights ... Went And Seen My Lung Doc And Cut Strait To The Chace And Told Him Feel Like Am Going To Drop Dead :O

Now I Did't Know If It Was Hypertonic Saline That Was Making Me Feel Dodgy Or Battle Of Chest Infections Stress Or Heat So I Conceded :P

After A Load Of Green Mucus Popped Out Of My Nose ..... So Am Taking Good Stuff CLARITHROMYCIN 500mg For Next Ten Days But Not Happy About Possible Side Effects :(

So Decided To Convince Myself That Its Only If You Take High Dose Side Effects Will Affect Me :O

Currently Am Feeling Better But Am Well Hungary Thats Defo CLARITHROMYCIN 500mg Doing That .... And Looks Like Hypertonic Saline Is Finally Working And Am Still Taking My B12 Every Other Day And As Expected My Inhalers :)

But Am Feel Tad Better :)

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So glad you are feeling a little better Daz - long may it continue. :-) :-) Alison

Cheers Me To ... Germs Just Sneak Up On You

Poor Daz, you'll get over it. Never felt like a cow pat, trodden in a few !

Get well soon,

Lib x

Defo Not Recommended ... Cheers All The Best :)

I hope you continue to feel better every day Daz.

Lynne xx

Thanks :)

I too hope you continue to improve and feel better.

Hope the anti biotics do what they are supposed to do, quickly!



He Cheers Yep My To Hate ?Taking Them Really :)

I hope that you continue to feel better each day. Miserable time you have been having. Lets hope you have turned the corner - onwards and upwards! Take care TAD xxx

Cheers :)

Poor you aDaz - for the infection AND the clarith :(

I do hope it works and you've turned the corner now xx

Hi Yes Was Reading Your Post On Its ..... Hope B12 Will Save Me

Cheers All The Best :)

u read the side effects of clarif

O I Yep Read Everything Even Small Print On A Stamp .... Was Ne Pleased About Meds Saying You Could Suffer Kidney Failure That Could Be Fatal

Just Glad I Got Them Of Lung Doc And Not My GP :)

I don't trust gps so lung dc should no/but tread weary ye /also liver as north west news the sheashy pens are being licensed in 2016 mps say.wel if was all that concerned would do it no mention of copd again god,in my grandsons high skwl the kids smoke em in class wen teacher nips out/god/grandson at 14 came home ad 1 in his poket/a said wats that/he said its a sheashy pen /told me alf skwl as them .his mate give it him as hes got loads.took it of him an told him if he jumped in Rochdale canal wud u join him/er no gran im on running team ad run for help.told him if ur mates at skwl carry on with pen be cigs nxt an no 1 be able run far after .put the pen in bin/told my daughter watch him an chek his stuff regular .take care

Heal well and quickly Daz, jean

Hi Cheers Going To Try :)

Hope it clears up soon mate, I read antibiotics can affect us all differently, This link might be useful


Thanks For Link SIRjames Was Helpfull Cheers :)

Hi sorry you not well, ...just a question about hypertonic you inhale it? Is it similar to the saline nebules 0.9% I take but stronger?

get well soon...getting rid of nasal gunk will help I am sure

Hi Knitter Is By All Accounts A One Off Treatment Of Nebulised Hypertonic Saline 7% Yep You Inhale .....

Poor Ampoules Into aerochamber And Turn Compression And It Starts Steaming ... What Is Not Clear Is After 2 Month Treatment Did Hear A Need Puting T Sleep And Lungs Rinsing Out ..... Now Never Said That On Box

But Will Have To Clarify That

just read that daz my eldest brother had his lungs washed out was home same day he didn't have copd he had had something elz.he smoke 40 od year but no copd

Cheers .... Going To Tell Em If The Kill Me Am Going To Be Very Pissed :P

no wont kill u,but my brother ad something elz u will be ok u want me tell u wat he had I will

Cheers But No Give Me Something Else To Worry About ... Am Just Big Softy Really After Giving Me The Wilies

with our illnesses none of us are wimps/ my brother was 69 a big built man always never complained was a demo worker easy going man got on with all liked his pint an cigs an bookies.i looked after him for his last 7month/was hard for me but I did it for him an my late mum plus im only 1 who lived round corner from him/take care hope meds ae kikin in now

Cheers :)

how are the meds kiking in good I hope

Not Bad Now Still Hungry When Ever Take Them .... Slight Bad Taste Tho

But Yes Think Over The Worse

usually wat taste bad does the job,glad ur on the up ,

Hello Daz, I am sorry to hear of your further health problems, intermittent cow pat is not good. :O I really hope you feel better soon. x

Cheers No Its Not Good Had No Energy To Do Nothing Felt Like S### ... But Hope Am Improving :)

Hope u get better quickly daz.....

Cheers :)


Glad you are feeling a bit better Daz but one thing puzzles me. What does a cow pat feel like?


A Don't No A Assume Pretty Bad .... Like Libbygood Says All Trodden On But Do Tel My Lung Doc

Thanks Cheers :)

Hi Daz

Hope the Clarith kicks those bugs into touch and you feel much better very soon. Also glad the hypertonic is helping to shift the gunk.

I am on hypertonic pretty constantly, and although I have heard of lungs washed out during bronchoscopy, I have never heard of lungs being washed out because of using hypertonic.

Knitter - Yes hypertonic is similar to your 0.9 but in a much higher strength 3%, 7% etc. and both are nebulised. A consultant would decide if hypertonic is necessary - it is often used in cf and npn cf bronchiectasis. Cons would usually arrange for a patient to be assessed at the hospital, where you neb a bronchodilator, followed by the hypertonic. as hypertonic doesn't suit everyone.

Get well soon our Daz.

Love cx

Cheers Cofdrop :)

To Be Honest Could Do With Them Washing Out .... But Would Be Reluctant As Thats Like Bush Blair Did :)

Get well soon Daz. Pete takes same antibiotics as you when he has a bad chest/flare up and they are very good on the whole so keep going. Good wishes to you. xxxx

Cheers They Must Be Doing Something .... Its Not Like I Have All Day But Yes Its Clearing It You Just Feel Tad ill When Start Antibiotics

But Have More Energy ... But Do Need To Rest

Cheers Thanks :)

Hope you are feeling much much better soon Daz

A tad is a start for sure :) x

Cheers Am Trying

Hope you stop feeling like a cow pat soon too Daz. :D

Cheers :)

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