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How long ?

I have done nothing for the past few days as most of you now .

I have been. Thinking how long have i had this illness.

So i hope you lot do not think i am moped .some years.ago.i was rushed in to hospital as

the locam thought i had a colasped lung had two weeks in hospital but did not .few years later on new years night i came down with a virus so went to bed early half way thought

the night all i heard was wife calling me but it seemed from a long way away all i know

was i was in the most peace full place ever .no pain first time i was able to run for a long time no sticks or wheelchair . When i did answer her she said she thought i had gone

as she had to bang my chest a few times .then about 3 years ago i started to lose my breath but took no notess of it till the beginning. Of this year .

And found out i now have copd and something else as well . So how long have i had it ?

I wander and i wander if any of us now .

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All Depends On What Kind Of Life You Have Had .... Sounds Like You Had Routh End Of The Stick .... A Was Fine Myself Until A Year Ago

But A Think Am Luck As There Are Others Who Are Fine Then Get Chest Infection And Come Out Of Hospital Needing Oxygen

Is Hard Don't Think Anyone On Here Would Disagree ... Just Have To Make Most Of Every Day ..... Not Like Its Conciliation But Its All We Seem To Have

Try Not To Dwell On Things ....As Your Defo Not Alone

All The Best :)

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I got up this morning feeling sorry for myself because our fridge has packed in, the washer has started leaking and weve just had to have new batteries fitted to hubbys mobility scooter. Your blog has certainly shown what priorities are. Our heath is the most important thing which seems up and down for people with lung conditions. I truly hope you will soon start to feel better. Best wishes to you and your family x Joyce


We just don't know do we. Some people's problems stem from childhood diseases like whooping cough and measles with the damage hitting us for six later in life. Some have smoked heavily, some haven't at all. Is it luck of the draw?

At the very least we can make others aware of lung health and following generations can benefit.

Come back here to share your experiences and lighten the load. P xx

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Since I've had COPD and all that accompanies it, I find some things don't matter any more, a broken plate - so what, vacuum's making a funny noise - who cares I don't, fridge is on the blink, it can do what it wants I don't care. But if I develop a nasty cough or rib pain I do care. So as Evelene says our health is the most important thing, without health we wouldn't need the fridge, the vacuum, that broken plate.

Lib x


totally agree


I quite agree Libbbygood, the late actor Patrick swayzee said, shortly before he died of Cancer, that "Despite my considerable wealth, this is one problem I can't buy my way out of, , its a bitter lesson many wealthy people learn often when it is too late, I'de give the lot away to get rid of this awful disease " which is killing me " - Health BEFORE wealth every time folks - YOU CAN'T BUY IT !!! ...


you are not alone/ I think plenty of people think in ur mindset about all sorts of things but your fears and worries are shared on hear with the rest of us,up until last year I was ok but the saying is u never no wats round the corner.i didn't but ive learned to live and just get on with it best I can.take each day as it comes and just do what u want and carry on ,take care


Health before wealth is very true. I look great on the outside but my chest is aching. Audrey


I had no symptoms 18 months ago, although I'm sure it was there. I manage it pretty well and seem to be finally coming out of this prolonged infection too.

I wish my lungs could be as they once were, but they are not. So I focus on doing what I can to get them as good as I can. Being as positive as possible is crucial too.

Lynne xx


The moral behind the storey although true .is that some of us has to much time like my you sit down and think how when and how long and maybe.

Now all.have a good day and take it very easy .


I think many of us seem to have had sudden onset of symptoms. (I thought I was fine before Christmas) Then a chest infection happens and Wham!! we have COPD. My doctor says I have probably had it for years but was not aware of it??. 40 years of smoking and childhood TB probably did it.!Lots of people on here have had it for years though so take heart if we look after ourselves,don't smoke and take the meds we could stay reasonably healthy for years.(or at least alive)



Stop over-thinking it all is my advice. Everything gets all out of proportion and the worry takes over completely. Talking to others, laughing, getting involved in something at whatever level you can is a great way to sideline our illnesses into it's proper place. We have it but we are not ruled by it. :)


Great reply

I have COPD I am not COPD!! should be your mantra (or whichever lung problem you have)


Yay! Go Team I am a person first ! :)


love it! it is what it is and we are who we are! :) xxx


David I am just happy you are still here,being cared for by a wonderful wife and family! one day at a time,thinking of the good in being.Hufferpuffer hugs xxxxxx


I wont take life for granted, and value what is left. I enjoy each day as it comes, and deal with any difficulties. Agree with scrobbity, things need to be kept in proportion, which I find difficult at times, getting problems out of proportion. Hopefully, I see sense and calm down.

I went around Gardens of the Rose, Nr. St. Albans, and found the peaceful atmosphere so wonderful, I felt so relaxed being there. Not many people around, a little early for the roses, so we will be going back again in another two weeks time.


Hi David, I do think its a gradual thing we get little bits of lung damage occurring throughout our lives depending on what substances or conditions we are exposed too. I believe when the lung damage reaches a certain amount then our difficulty breathing and activity levels become impaired. Mine lung damaged tipped over the edge with a virus too.

For me I found the pulmonary rehabilitation course and stopping smokimg the very best things we can do for ourselves and applying what we learn at PR to our everday lives, keeping the exercise going year after year, we can reap the rewards in our mobility, breathing and fitness levels. The effort we put into staying as well as we can, really does pay off. It was years down the line before I began to notice my endurance has tripled to what it was.

If you can access a pulmonary rehabilitation course go for it. Your GP can refer you.

Take good care.

BC x


I am sure you know that too much reliever inhalers have their own problems hence the need to use the appropriate dose of preventer inhalers n order to reduce reliever inhalers. If you are using reliever inhalers more frequently than usual, you must see your GP


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