Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking

I wish i was a little Lad Still Tripping on me laces

or sprawled across the living room floor

Colouring silly faces

I wish i was still small enough to sit on the old mans knee

Or ride upon his shoulders

Co's I was to small to see

I wish it still felt like summer had no end

instead of it disappearing

before I know what's happened

I wish that my odd Purple sock, would match the one that's Red

I wish that i wore Winsyettes

every night in bed ( hated the damn things )

but wishing will not bring them back, all the things I had

so I shall take the sweet with the sour

and the good and the bad

so i'll go look for the rainbow, that marks a big storms end

and the i'll jump in the puddles

with you lot my crazy friends


16 Replies

  • Why thankyou. Can I be really naught and leave my wellies behind?

  • yeh!! wet socks squigding in your wellies when you put them back, nothing sounds or fells just like that !!! ;o ;o ;o

  • oops! feels

  • I feel rather indignant,CRAZY you dare to call all my friends CRAZY?That is just not true.Scrobbity is not CRAZY.Everyone else might be CRAZY but not scrobbity.


  • Oooh! do i sense a bit of creeping going on here, anyway scrobby's a chockyholic she loves the stuff :P

  • You including yourself in that statement by any chance Kingy :D :D


  • Yep

  • How on earth do you justify that statement Richard. She is probably the nuttiest fruit cake on here. Still love her to bits though.


  • I think she is the most knowledgeable,intellegent,intellectual that I know of on this site.


  • Hahahaha said the ever-so slightly loopy scrobbs but thank you for defending my mental status, Richard xx

    Does that mean that there are no Skittles at the end of the rainbow? Crying in my coffee now :(

  • more skittles than you can imagine every thing everybody has ever dreamed of is there!!



  • scrobbity means the chocolate skittles!

  • Oh in that case, will stop crying and revert to smiling :) Cheers !

  • your very welcome i hate tears. :D


  • Oh I love that its so sweet, Scrobbitty I love your avatar of your cat so sweet and innocent are you sure the rumours you are spreading of this poor moggy being a demon with 4 paws and a purr are true? xxxx

  • I love that one Dickydoo. Well up to your usual standard. Keep 'em coming.


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