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Any one out there on liquid oxygen?

My husband has COPD and is on oxygen 24/7. We have been using the cylinders for going out, at home we have an electric concentrator which is on all the time.

He is now on liquid oxygen for going out they have to be filled up each time you go out as the oxygen can evaporate. I do not have as much confidence in them as the original cylinders.

The liquid oxygen does seem to be lighter to take out perhaps we just need to get used to it.


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Good morning I have been on it for a year, it is so much lighter and easier to carry as it is a better shape, the filling is easy make sure the cylinder thing is pressed down and pull the lever, but seems to take for ever,

the machine you carry around dose stop working on pulse when worn in windy conditions due to the cannula in the nose getting bunged up with mucus from your nose running, and if that happens turn it on to constant to get through to destination, then clean it up. they also need servicing from time to time, keep an old portable cylinder of two for emergencies

hope that helps regards



Hi Jean,

My husband is on oxygen 24x7 and we've always had liquid oxygen. It isn't as reliable as cylinders because there are more bits that can go wrong. It is lighter to carry because it's plastic rather than metal. We ended up with two portables, both are needed if we are going to be out for more than 4 hours. My husband cannot use the on demand setting, so he's always on continuous and that uses up more oxygen.


Hi Jean

I have used liquid O2 for a couple of years. It is not as reliable as cylinders as they can leak. I use my O2 on continuous so it goes pretty quickly but still a lot lighter than cylinders. I always have a back up as they are so unreliable.



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