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Ever Wonder Why When Its Hot You Feel Bushed Dizzy Or iLL .... Well Heres One Under Reported Possible Cause

Hyponatraemia Usually Found In Marathon Runners :O .... But Not Exclusively As Those On Steroid Inhalers Can Suffer It To :P

Is This Why I Feel Quite S### As Am On Hypertonic Saline 7% And Steroid Inhaler And As I Have A Lung Condition ....

Is It Possible To Suffer Heat Exhaustion Given My Lung Condition ... Just Like A Marathon Runner BUT WITH OUT THE MILEAGE aka Electrolyte Disturbances :(

Defo One For BLF ..... But Better Then Devil You Know About Than The One You Don't .. Take My Advice If You Have Lung Condition And Its Hot Find Cool Place And Just Relax :)

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I can't sit in full hot sun anymore, I sit in the coolest room and close the curtains and read a book. I read somewhere that if it's warmer ouside than inside keep the windows shut cause your letting the heat in. (We've been waiting for a hot day for 10 months now we're moaning)!

Lib x

A cool room, a large fan but not on full speed and a damp sheet between me and the fan. It moves the air around but adds moisture at the same time.

I am just the opposite, I can rarely get warm enough. Wifey is always going on at me. "Turn that b****y heating off" she cries. I ignore right up to the point where she hits me. Have a good day all of you.


I'm the same as Bobby, feel so much better in the heat, but outside, indoors I have to have the fan to circulate the air.

Funny that - this year particularly my husband has been quite ill after been in the sun for any length of time. I have insisted that he wears a hat in future. AND he is never warm in the house - we still have the heating on at night. The children all have their bedroom windows open and the dogs lay panting on the kitchen floor - but my husband is still not warm! TAD xx

I'm pretty certain you can get heat exhaustion from sitting in the sun Daz, after all some of my garden plants get it when its too hot. You need an umbrella to shade you, a wet flannel or water spray, a hand held or desk top fan and a cool glass of beverage with ice :)

In extreme heat and humidity I don't go out at all, lungs and body just cannot cope with it stay inside with curtains drawn and windows closed on the sunny side.

Yesterday it was very humid and that alone zapped my energy. It was do a bit rest for 10 bits lol :)

Take care in this heat and humidity.

interesting, yes one for research methinks.

The air/oxygen is less in its density so therefore less for us people with lung conditions to handle....


Also a known side effect of steroid inhalers is hypokalaemia (low potassium).

Wikipedia writes:

Mild hypokalaemia can cause a small elevation of blood pressure, and can occasionally provoke cardiac arrhythmias.

Moderate hypokalemia may cause muscular weakness, myalgia, and muscle cramps (owing to disturbed function of the skeletal muscles), and constipation (from disturbed function of smooth muscles).

With more severe hypokalemia, flaccid paralysis and hyporeflexia may result. There are reports of rhabdomyolysis occurring with profound hypokalemia with serum potassium levels less than 2 mEq/L. Respiratory depression from severe impairment of skeletal muscle function is found in many patients.


I personally have multiple deficiencies of hormones, electrolytes and minerals and I can honestly say getting these things into the normal range is life changing. Not always easy though, my zinc is rock bottom, and potassium still low.

Hi Cheers Yes Is Complex Business .... I Have Heart Problems And Slipped Disk And Have Bowl Problems ... Is Hard When You Have Problems And You Cant Tell If Its Your Problems Or Somthing New

Defo A Pain

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